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The B.C. Rich Electric Guitar company was founded by the late Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. BC Rich guitars have since become hugely popular with modern guitarists and bassists due to their neck-through build and edgy, innovative and visually distinctive designs. View All Information

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About BC Rich Guitars

Bernardo Chavez Rico is the founder of BC Rich Guitars and was a Los Angeles-based luthier who began his career running a humble shop in the early sixties. By 1972 Bernardo began work on the Seagull (which later became the Eagle), its neck-through construction and heel-less design were innovative features for a guitar of its time.

The BC Rich hallmark is considered by most to be their guitars' unique body shapes. During the 70s BC Rich developed the Mockingbird, the Eagle and the Bich and in the midst of the heavy metal surge of the 80s the Warlock was born. These unique and timeless designs are a key part of what makes BC Rich guitars and basses so popular today.

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