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Digital Pianos, also known as Electric Pianos, are developing faster than ever before. With names like Roland Pianos and Yamaha Pianos producing new models all the time, digital pianos are one of the most versatile, ingenious and exciting musical instruments available today and have become a popular alternative to traditional acoustic pianos.

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A Digital Piano Guide

A digital piano is an electrical musical instruments which is designed to serve as an alternative option to its traditional, acoustic counterparts. Unlike the acoustic piano, an electric piano has no strings or hammers and no soundboard. Instead a digital piano has an electronic sound chip and speaker, which can be used to duplicate the sound and feel of playing a traditional piano.

Things to consider when buying a digital piano

There are a number of things that people seeking to buy a digital piano should look for. For example, the number of keys that the electric piano has on offer should be taken into consideration. A good digital piano setup should have 88 weighted keys, such as on the 8865 Digital Piano by Gear4music and the Korg LP-350 Digital Piano.

The level of polyphony of the digital piano should also be taken into account. For example, the Casio Privia PX-720 Digital Piano offers a 128-voice polyphony, meaning it allows users to make extensive use of the damper pedal and to play sweeping chords.

Other factors that should be taken into account include whether or not the electric piano comes with speakers, what its memory capacity is, what pedal options it offers, whether a stand is included and how many songs and digital effects it comes with.

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