Aquarian Clear Two Ply 24'' Bass Drum Head with Superkick Ring

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  • Clear 24'' Bass Drum Drum Head with Superkick Ring
  • Constructed From Two Plies of High-Quality 7mil Film
  • Perfect for Gigging Drummers and Musicians
  • Open Tone with Powerful Attack and Projection
  • Ideal for a Range of Drumming Styles and Genres

Aquarian Clear Two Ply 24'' Bass Drum Head with Superkick Ring

The Aquarian Clear Two Ply 24'' Bass Drum Head is a high-quality bass drum head from Aquarian, featuring two plies of 7mil film with an integrated superkick ring for enhanced durability and strength. The head can be used with any 24'' bass drum, offering an open sound with a powerful attack and balanced response. The addition of an extra ply enhances durability whilst delivering a more focused tone. The head is also incredibly versatile and is easily adaptable to any style or genre of drumming. Super Kick heads are designed with the everyday drummer and musician in mind, providing unparalleled durability and strength, even when in the hands of the hardest hitting drummers. Providing a versatile tone which can punch its way to the front of any mix, the Aquarian Clear Two Ply 24'' Bass Drum Head is a great choice for the everyday gigging drummer and musician.

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Superkick Drumheads

Aquarian's Superkick bass drumheads are designed to offer unparalleled durability and maintain reliable performance over long periods of use. For this reason, the Superkick heads are the perfect option for hard hitting drummers or players who find themselves buying replacement heads often. Not only are the Aquarian Superkick drumheads available in a wide range of sizes to fit any bass drum, but also in either clear or texture coated variants, allowing drummers to select their preferred style.

About Aquarian

Aquarian's range of high-quality drum heads has a size and style to suit every drummer's needs, whatever style or genre of drumming you choose to play. Aquarian's heads feature their Safe-T-Loc system which locks the drum head into specially contoured aluminium extrusion hoops, secured with epoxy. This results in a head which will not detune, no matter what you put it through. All of Aquarian's two-ply heads undergo a special vacuum-sealing process which ensures no air gets trapped between the surfaces, guaranteeing a pure, clear tone throughout your drumming. Designed to surpass the needs of the modern drummer, Aquarian drum heads are the perfect complement to any acoustic drums.


  • Two-ply, clear construction
  • Versatile tone and projection
  • Balanced attack and response
  • Perfect for gigging drummers
  • Integrated superkick ring


  • Construction: Two-Plies of 7mil Film
  • Type: Bass Drum
  • Size: 24''