DISC Vector G3 Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Adjustable Footboard Angle
  • Spherical Bearing Chain Alignment
  • Independent Beater and Cam Positioning
  • Frictionless "ZERO" Hinge
  • Right Foot Orientation

DISC Vector G3 Bass Drum Pedal


The Percussion Kinetics Vector G3 Bass Drum Pedal is an innovative pedal designed to provide drummers with the most comfortable playing position possible. The patented Ortho-Kinetic system allows the footboard angle and cam position to be adjusted independently of the beater position. This enables you to offset the pedal for a more natural sitting position, while still ensuring that the beater always strikes the centre of the head. With a full 10cm (4") of left/right positioning, the versatile G3 pedal provides an incredibly ergonomic playing experience.

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The Vector G3 pedal's adjustable footboard helps to resolve an issue which has plagued drummers for decades. Conventional pedals extend at a 90° angle from the centre of the bass drum, forcing a right-handed drummer to sit facing towards the left side of the kit. This can make it difficult to reach the toms and cymbals on the right, and prevents the drummer from directly facing the audience during shows where the bass drum is positioned in the centre.

Adjustable Heel & Spherical Bearing

By contrast, the Vector pedal's design allows drummers to find a more relaxed position. Both the heel and the cam can be moved across from one side to the other, providing a total 10cm (4") of left/right positioning. The Vector also features a spherical bearing in the top of the footboard, ensuring that the chain always hangs straight and turns smoothly, no matter the footboard angle.

Independent Beater Positioning & ZERO Hinge

The G3 pedal is also equipped with the frictionless "ZERO" hinge, providing it with incredibly smooth operation. Additionally, the beater holder can be slid along the rocker shaft independently of the cam, allowing you to find and maintain the optimal beater position, irrespective of the pedal angle. This right foot oriented pedal has the cam positioned on the right-hand side of the beater holder, allowing the drummer to sit with their right foot pointing towards "1 o'clock" when the bass drum is positioned straight ahead.


  • Spherical Bearing chain alignment (U.S. Patent)
  • Movable cam for increased adjustment range
  • Jaw clutch pivot adjustable heel
  • Adjustable clamp positioning
  • Spring hander equipped with a ball bearing for low friction and smooth operation
  • Micro polished stainless steel base plate
  • "ZERO" hinge - zero play, zero wear, and zero friction
  • Includes carrying case