DISC Gibson Explorer HP Electric Guitar, Ebony (2017)

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  • Includes Gibson's Classic Explorer Hardshell Case for Portability
  • 496R and 500T Humbuckers Delivers Aggressive Gibson Tones
  • G Force Auto Tuning System Offers Fast and Accurate Tuning
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridge Provides Excellent Tonal Transmission
  • Titanium Adjustable Nut Provides Full Control Over the Action

DISC Gibson Explorer HP Electric Guitar, Ebony (2017)

The Gibson Explorer HP Electric Guitar offers a high performance model for 2017, delivering raw power and scorching tones with the iconic rock and roll design. The stylish mahogany body, neck, and rosewood fingerboard provide the Gibson with incredibly warm tones, creating thick, creamy lows and a midrange attack. The 496R and 500T humbuckers create a powerhouse of a guitar, delivering classic Gibson tones with enough power to create scorching sounds, while the classic control setup provides perfect sonic variety. The fast-access heel and slim taper neck creates and incredibly comfortable and fast play, while the polished frets allow for smooth bends and a fats response. The G Force auto-tuning system allows for quick and stable tuning, while the titanium zero-fret nut and aluminium tune-o-matic bridge enhances string resonance and sustain. Delivered in a classic hardshell case to keep it safe when transported, the 2017 high performance Gibson Explorer delivers the essence of a rock and roll instrument, making it perfect for any seasoned rock musician.

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Iconic Body

The most iconic and striking feature of any Explorer is its mahogany body, which provides players with a well-balanced, weight-reduced guitar alternative, with absolutely no compromises in tone, sustain, or performance. Its solid mahogany body is taken from the design of the original 1976 Explorer and not only provides a resonant tone, but its nipped in waist provides a more comfortable shape that can be held closer to the body for shredding solos!

Slim Taper Neck & Angled Headstock

The Gibson's Explorer features a mahogany explorer slim taper neck, which is a hybrid neck profile similar to the '50s rounded contour and the '60s slim-taper profile. As with all Gibson necks, this mahogany neck is machined in Gibson's rough mill using wood shapers to make the initial cuts. Once the rosewood fingerboard is glued on, the rest, including the final sanding is all done by hand, adding to the overall prestige of this stunning instrument. That means there are no two necks with the exact same dimensions. So while it still has the basic characteristics of its respective profile, each neck will be slightly different, with a distinct but traditional feel.

The angled headstock featured on this guitar is another example of Gibson's industry-changing way of thinking and quality. All Explorer headstocks are carved out of the same piece of mahogany as the neck, and then fitted with Gibson's traditional wing blocks. The headstock is also carefully angled at 17 degrees, which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots. In addition, an increase in string pressure also means there is no loss of string vibration between the nut and the tuners, which equals better sustain and an overall smooth play.

Polished Frets Offer a Smooth Feel

Like with many of the new Gibson Explorers, this model also features a stunning rosewood fingerboard, complete with 22 polished frets. As wells as offering a prestigious look, these polished frets allow for smoother bends, and a fluid hand movement across the whole fingerboard, which is ideal for soloists out there.

496R & 500T Pickups Produce Rocking Firebird Tones

As well as sporting an iconic design, the Gibson Explorer HP Electric Guitar is also equipped with 496R and 500T humbuckers, which are renowned for delivering more power for scorching rock tones. Each coil of the 496R in the neck position is wound with 7,000 turns of 44-gauge wire, while the 500T offers an even higher output. The 500T is one of Gibson's most powerful pickups, containing a three ceramic magnet structure, which enables a no-holds-barred rock and roll crunch that never loses its rich combination of enhanced lows and crystal clear highs. This is one of Gibson's most potent pickup combinations, offering the best tones for achieiving limitless possibilities of the tonal spectrum.

G Force Auto-Tuning System For Quick & Efficient Tuning

All Gibsons High Perfomance range are equipped with the innovative G force self tuning system, which is a cleverly designed system that works by a mechanical device that is secured to the headstock. Each machine head contains a small servo motor that can wind the string up or down. Simply push the on button and strum to see this device in action and perfectly tune your guitar.

Titanium Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut

Not only does the new Gibson Explorer HP provide the perfect combination of superb tone and looks, it is also equipped with an innovative Nut. The Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut is a superior nut design in Gibson’s High-Performance series of guitars, due to its exceptional adjustability to match various playing styles. This cleverly designed Nut benefits from an all-titanium construction for extreme durability, and a retaining screw so the nut stays in place when you change strings. Like with bridge adjustments, the Zero-Fret Nut allows you to adjust the height and angle, for the optimum feel.

Aluminium Tune-O-Matic Bridge

The Tune-O-Matic bridge offers stability, reliability, comfortable playing position and impressive sustain. Adjusting the string action and intonation is extremely simple with a tune-o-matic bridge, as you simply adjust the height of the bridge with the mounting rods to alter the action, and screw the bridge saddles in or out to achieve perfect intonation.

In addition, every Tune-O-Matic bridge that Gibson feature on thier models is combined with a separate "stopbar" tailpiece, which is essentially designed to further enhance the connection between the strings and the body.


  • 496R and 500T Pickups Produce Powerful, High Gain PAF-Style Tones
  • Includes Gibson’s Classic Explorer Hardshell Case for Portability and Storage
  • Explorer Slim Taper Neck Profile Offers a Comfortably Smooth Play
  • G Force Tuner Offers a Quick and Easy Auto-Tuning System
  • Aluminium TOM Bridge and Stop Bar Create Excellent String Resonance
  • A Lightweight Mahogany Body Offers the Ultimate Comfort
  • Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard Deliver Strong Midrange Attack
  • Includes Premium Leather Strap, Gibson’s Multi-Tool, and a Polishing Cloth


Body & Bridge

  • Series: Core HP
  • Style: Explorer
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Bridge: Aluminium Tune-O-Matic w/Steel Thumbwheels
  • Tailpiece: Aluminium Stop Bar w/Steel Posts
  • Construction: Set-In
  • Finish: Ebony

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Profile: Explorer Slim Taper
  • Width: 1.745"
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 24.75”
  • Frets: 22 Polished
  • Nut: Titanium Zero-Fret Adjustable
  • Heel: Fast-Access
  • Inlays: Mother of Pearl Dots

Electronics & Hardware

  • Bridge Pickup: 500T Humbucker
  • Neck Pickup: 496R Humbucker
  • Controls: 2x Volume/1x Tone/1x Aviation Grade Toggle Switch
  • Tuning Machines: G Force w/Improved Gears
  • Control knobs: Knurled UFO
  • Saddles: Titanium
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Case: Classic Gibson Explorer Hardshell
  • Accessories: Premium Leather Strap, Gibson’s Multi-Tool, and a Polishing Cloth