Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module

  • Video 1
  • Three Modulation Sources
  • Envelopes, LFOs and Multi-Stage Curves
  • Completely Analog Design
  • Gate and Trigger Inputs
  • Rise and Fall Envelope Stages

Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module

The Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module is a compact and rack mountable synth modulator capable of creating a huge variety of tones via the 3 on board modulation sources. Featuring envelops, LFOs and multi-stage curves as well as a fully analog design the mod1 Modulator delivers rich and endless modulation options.

Product Ref: 68327

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Full Description

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  • ADSR envelope with up to three decay stages
  • Each decay stage with time and target level control
  • Configurable for 1, 2, or 3 decay stages
  • Loop mode for looping from attack over all enabled decays stages
  • Gate and trigger inputs
  • Positive and Inverted output

Symmetry Generator

  • Two segment modulator with controllable symmetry
  • CV-inputs for speed and symmetry
  • LFO mode with bipolar output
  • Gate and Trigger envelope modes with unipolar output
  • Linear or rectangular wave forms

Rise & Fall

  • Two stage envelope “rise & fall”
  • Flexible curve control for rise stage – from smooth classical RC shape to cutting linear segments
  • Optional loop mode
  • Gate input
  • Signal output
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