Radial BT-Pro Bluetooth Direct Box

  • Bluetooth Reception Up To 20 Metres
  • Dual Balanced XLR Outputs
  • Built-In Headphone Amplifier
  • Isolation Transformers Eliminate Buzz And Hum
  • Latest Bluetooth Wireless A2DP Interface

Radial BT-Pro Bluetooth Direct Box

The Radial BT-Pro Bluetooth Direct Box is a wireless direct box featured dual balanced XLR output, built-in headphone amplifier and isolation transformer that eliminate buzz and hum. The BT-Pro is designed to capture wireless transmission from Bluetooth eabled devices, allowing you to convert the signal to a balanced line. The box itself features a highly-durable metal outer shell, making it perfect for extensive live use. With its premium-quality components and rugged construction this direct box is ideal for a range of applications.

Product Ref: 71938

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Wireless Connectivity

One of the main features from the BT-Pro is its support for wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. Designed to capture wireless transmission from your Bluetooth enabled devices, the BT-Pro converts the signal to a balanced line for use with a PA or recording system. The boxes internal components feature an innovative T-Shaped access cavity where the antenna is located behind. Protected by a milled insert made from Sintra (a rugged closed-cell PVC construction) that allows wireless transmission without interference for up to 20 metres; making it perfect for live performances.

Premium-Quality Components

As well as it's wireless connectivity the BT-Pro features a range of high-quality components that results in exceptional audio quality and functionality. The audio signal path features latest Bluetooth A2DP interface over 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for optimal high-speed transmission resulting in the best possible audio quality. This runs at a 16-bit wireless compress format with the bit rate dependent on the sour material. The front panel potentiometer controls the signal level, plus it features a built-in headphone amplifier with standard 3.5mm mini TRS for troubleshooting purposes.

A stereo-to-mono switch sums the stereo output for dual-mono seperation, reducing input channel requirements on the mixer. The two-side mounted isolation transformers have been incorporated to minimise and eliminate any hum or buzz. The ground lift switch also helps to further eliminate any hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Finally there are dual balanced XLR outputs allowing you to connect your box to external devices such as PA systems. With its rugged construction, high-quality components and exceptional audio quality, the BT-Pro is ideal for a range of audio applications from live performances to studio use.


  • Bluetooth reception to 20 metres (60 feet!)
  • Dual balanced XLR outputs to connect to PA system
  • Built-in headphone amp for troubleshooting
  • Isolation transformers to eliminate buzz and hum
  • Latest Bluetooth wireless A2DP interface
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