Radial Jensen Twin-Servo 500 Series Preamplifier

  • Based On Classic Dean Jensen Preamps
  • Dual 990 Op-Amps With Two Servos
  • Delivers Up To 60dB Of Gain
  • 48V Phantom Power With Activation Switch
  • Front Panel Neutrik Combo Connector

Radial Jensen Twin-Servo 500 Series Preamplifier

The Radial Jensen Twin-Servo 500 Series Preamplifier is a compact, high-performance preamplifier. The Twin-Servo 500 delivers up to 60dB of gain with a convenient front-panel Neutrik Combo connector to accommodate either an XLR or 1/4'' input. Additionally the preamp features a 10 segment LED meter for easy monitoring purposes plus a 180 polarity reverse switch for tackling any phasing issues. It also features a -10dB pad plus a 48V phantom power activation switch. Housed in a highly-durable all-steel construction, the preamp will withstand excessive continuous use.

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Premium-Quality Preamp

With its range of high-quality components and rugged design, the Twin-Servo 500 Preamp is ideal for processing a range of equipment including condenser microphones for maximum audio fidelity. Radial have maximised the gain-margin within the preamplifer, resulting in minimal distortion for a range of different inputs. The sound is reproduce through the dual 990 op-amps with two servos and two Jensen transformers for maximum audio quality and minimal distortion. For monitoring, the preamp features a 10 segment LED meter so you can monitor your levels at a glance.

Exceptional Audio Quality

As well as the internal components and design, the Twin-Servo 500 also provides you with a varied amount of inputs to connect external devices such as microphones and guitars. The 500 series preamp produces up to 60dB of gain with a dual-gang potentiometer for level adjustment. The front-panel of the preamp also features a Neutrik Combo connector allowing you to connect either XLR or 1/4'' input. The pramp features 48V phantom power and an activation switch for use with phantom powered enable equipment such as condenser microphones. The preamp also incorporates a subtle high-pass filter that helps to eliminate excessive resonance along with a -10dB pad for added versatility.


  • Based from classic Deane Jensen preamp designs
  • Dual 990 op-amps with two servos and Jensen transformers
  • Delivers up to 60db of gain
  • Front-panel Neutrik Combo connector accommodates either XLR or 1/4'' inputs
  • Highly durable discrete all-steel construction
  • 48V Phantom Power with activation switch
  • 10 segment LED meter
  • 180 degree polarity reverse switch toggles absolute phase
  • Dual-gang potentiometer for level adjustment
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