DISC SSL Sigma DAW Automated SuperAnalog Summing Engine

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  • Works With All Major DAW's Including Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton
  • 16 Flexible Channels Switchable Between Stereo Or Mono
  • Independent Main And Alternate Monitor Outputs
  • 2 Stereo Mix Busses With Individual Stereo Insert Points
  • Direct Outputs On All Channels

DISC SSL Sigma DAW Automated SuperAnalog Summing Engine

The SSL Sigma DAW Automated SuperAnalog Summing Engine provides you with a way of capturing the classic sound of an SSL console, for use with your favourite DAW, conveniently housed in a rack-mountable unit. The SSL Sigma features 16 stereo input channels which can be switched between mono and stereo, ranging up to 32 channels when It comes to mixing down. The front-panel also features bright and precise LED level meters on all channels plus two stereo mix buses with dedicated output and individual stereo insert point. Additionally the SSL Sigma comes complete with the Delta-Control (D-Ctrl) plug-in that allows you to automate the channels volume for added convenience.

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Flexible DAW Integration

The SSL Sigma delivers 16 stereo input channels via DB25 that can be switched between mono and stereo to increase the amount of channels to 32 at mixdown. Each of the inputs included individual direct output for routing your individual channels back into your selected DAW. The SSL Sigma also features two pairs of stereo mix busses, each complete with dedicated output plus stereo insert for utilising parallel compression. Also featured is a ‘Studio Monitor’ section that includes two pairs of monitor outputs and a separate artist monitor output for signal routing with front and rear output connections. The SSL Sigma is designed to bring the analog sound and characteristics and integrate it with your favourite DAW. It utilises MDAC technology to incorporate the SuperAnalogue™ mix buss from SSL’s Duality and AWS consoles, compacted into a lightweight 2U rack design. The SSL Sigma even comes complete with Delta-Control (D-CTRL), a software plug-in that allows you to automate and control the SSL Sigma straight from your computer.

Versatile Connectivity

The SSL Sigma also features a wide range of analog connectivity, allowing you to route a range of external audio devices to the device and your DAW. This improves your overall workflow and allows you to utilise the analog character and tones, normally reserved for larger SSL consoles. The rear panel of the SSL Sigma features a range of XLR connections allowing you to connect everything from monitors to mixers. It also features a range of digital connection including 25-pin D-type sockets as well as a stereo ¼’’ headphone jack and Footswitch connector Also included is a 8P8c modulator RJ-45 connector and USB-B port for connecting the SSL Sigma to your computer./p>

Remote Control

The SSL Sigma also comes complete with a Remote applications that offers full control of all the Sigma’s functions as well as giving you the ability to store and recall your favourite settings. The applications runs on a Mac, PC or iOS tablet device, connecting to your workstation via Ethernet. The intuitive and ergonomic user interface provides you with three main panels of control as well as the setup of the Master Section, Channel Control and Global Settings parameters.

Design & Construction

The small yet mighty design of the SLL sigma features an all-metal chassis that is highly-durable as well as reducing overall temperature. The front-panel of the SSL Sigma provides you with a bright LCD level meter on each individual channel. This front-panel level meters give you a precise visual feedback on all your signal levels in a bright LCD display, ideal for low-light environments such as darker studios.


  • Advanced DAW automation driven SSL SuperAnalogue mix engine
  • Works with all major DAW's including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live
  • 16 flexible channels individually switchable between stereo or mono for up to 32 channels at mixdown
  • 2 stereo mix busses with individual stereo insert points
  • Independent Main and Alternate Monitor outputs
  • Direct outputs on all channels
  • Talkback facility with adjustable Dim level
  • Intuitive cross platform set-up and configuration software interface
  • High speed External MIDI control via single Ethernet cable
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