Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5

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  • Free Upgrade to Cubase Pro 9!
  • Improved Workflow and User Interface
  • Professional DAW for Producers, Engineers and Composers
  • VCA Faders for Complex Mixing & Automation
  • Improved Transport Infrastructure for Easy Access

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 builds upon the impressive workflow and advanced music production capability of its predecessor (Cubase 8) and includes a range of innovative new features and workflow optimizations to allow a more user friendly experience than ever before. Including a brand new Retrologue 2 analog synth virtual instrument, more responsive MixConsole, upgraded key/drum editor, redesigned transport and version 3 of zPlane’s Elastique timestretch/pitch-shirt algorithm Cubase 8.5 is Steinberg’s most powerful music production software to date.

Special Offer - Buy this and get a free upgrade to Cubase Pro 9 - Any customer who buys a version of Cubase 8 or 8.5 will receive a free, immediate upgrade to the corresponding latest version of Cubase 9.

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Full Description

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Improved Workflow and User Interface

Steinberg have tailored and tweaked the user interface of Cubase 8.5 to allow a smooth and more ergonomic workflow when recording, editing and mixing. Refining the acclaimed MixConsole environment and proven Cubase track handling tools, version 8.5 makes mixing and manipulating audio channels even more intuitive. When designing Cubase 8.5, Steinberg have used feedback from users to create a more dynamic workflow ensuring vital functions are more accessible than ever before.

Retrologue 2 Analog Synth

With many new features and improvements, Retrologue 2 has taken a big step forward without losing its remarkable warm and raw analog sound. An additional third oscillator, new polyphonic LFOs and an additional envelope are just some of the enhancements in the synth section. The highly flexible arpeggiator and five brand-new FX, with the innovative three-band Resonator leading the way, open up new possibilities for over 400 fresh presets that show off Retrologue 2’s capabilities.

Innovative Cloud Collaboration

Embedded into Cubase, VST Transit is Steinberg’s new cloud collaboration service. Upload audio and MIDI tracks to cloud storage, continue working from another location and synchronize the changes back to the cloud. Or collaborate on shared projects with friends and band members. VST Transit comes with up to 500 MB free storage space and 1 GB free traffic per month. With its innovative, DAW-centric approach to web-based musical collaboration, VST Transit can revolutionize production workflows shared between musicians or band members.

Render In-Place Function

The new render in-place function allows you to bounce MIDI and audio parts easily. You can define exactly on what to include and for example render-in track FX in the newly created events. Trigger the command and a new audio track is created with all effects settings copied over from the original source track plus your rendered audio event, including intact event boundaries.

ASIO Guard 2

ASIO Guard 2 uses low latencies just on the tracks where latency matters while using a larger latency that saves performance for playback tracks. It now supports instrument tracks including multi-timbral and sample instruments that feature disk streaming as well as all live-input independent channels. The internal ASIO-Guard buffering was extended to improve the audio processing performance. Simply record and monitor in real time even on CPU demanding projects.

Versatile Window Handling

Cubase Pro 8.5 offers a windows handling paradigm including a new workspace organizer that makes for a more efficient workflow. Windows can be freely placed on any display and maximized, restored, minimized, tiled and cycled through by using standard Windows OS commands. Windows will now also group Cubase windows in the taskbar, preview window content and show mini icons. The 'Always On Top' mode now organizes smaller plug-in windows even when working with maximized windows such the MixConsole.

Transport Infrastructure

The transport panel has been restructured for easier access and visually overhauled with improved visibility for buttons and time displays that are clearer and easier to read. The Transport menu has also been restructured, with all commands and options now clearly categorized and consolidated into submenus, including commands and options previously only available in the transport panel. Each menu entry now features a corresponding key command counterpart.

Enhanced Chord Pads

The Chord Pads composition tool to create chord structures and patterns in seconds was one of the major highlights of Cubase Pro and Artist 8. With the update to 8.5, this creative time-saver has been enhanced even further. The new “Sections” play mode gives full and intuitive control of how arpeggiation is processed. Any arpeggio note can be mapped to individual keys on a MIDI remote keyboard, letting you trigger each note individually. And we didn’t stop there: additional options give better control of overlapping chords during playback and make it easier to setup MIDI input/output routing. And in case you prefer naming a chord “Cadd9”instead of “C9”,you’ll be happy to know that Cubase now supports custom chord symbols throughout.

Key and Drum Editors

Compose more creatively in Cubase 8.5 thanks to faster, more intuitive MIDI editing in the Key and Drum Editors. Insert a note or beat, adjust its length, position or pitch without changing tools—it’s the kind of feature update that will instantly feel as though it’s always been that way. The Drum Editor has new visualization and editing capabilities for note lengths, while a visibility agent lets you display, say, only the drum sounds actually in use in your project, or other conditions that let you

What's New in Cubase 8.5?

  • VST Transit cloud collaboration service brings together musicians and producers from all over the globe
  • Retrologue 2 provides mesmerizing new sonic capabilities and hundreds of new presets
  • More responsive MixConsole environment with refined hover controls
  • Pull tracks from existing projects into your song in only a few clicks, including all settings and content
  • Upgraded Key and Drum Editors for faster, more intuitive MIDI editing
  • Enhanced Chord Pads with new Sections play mode and custom chord symbols
  • Profile Manager stores and recalls program settings and preferences
  • Better Transport infrastructure consolidated for easier access and improved visibility
  • Dedicated punch points, independent from locator positions for even more flexibility when recording audio and MIDI
  • Version 3 of zPlane’s extraordinary élastique timestretch/pitch-shift algorithm


  • State-of-the-art music production system used by thousands of professionals around the world
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz, 5.1 surround, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation
  • Unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks
  • MixConsole provides the ultimate mixing experience with unmatched flexibility and integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules for epic pro-console sound
  • Comprehensive set of 8 outstanding instruments with over 3000 sounds
  • Complete suite of 73 high-end audio and 18 MIDI VST effect processors
  • VCA faders for complex mixing and automation workflows, TrackVersions for playlists-like editing, and render in-place for simplified editing tasks
  • VariAudio for MIDI-style note editing of monophonic audio tracks, automatic voicing harmonization and auto-tuning effect
  • Chord track and pads for easy chord management and reharmonizing plus intelligent composing assistance
  • Steinberg VST connect SE 3 and VST Transit cloud collaboration service
  • Professional music notation and score printing

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.9 / 10.10* Or Windows 7*** / Windows 8* / Windows 10
  • Intel Core Or AMD Dual Core CPU
  • 8 GB RAM (Minimum 4 GB)
  • 1920 x 1080 Display Resolution (Minimum 1366 x 768)
  • Graphics Card With DirectX 10 And WDDM 1.1 Support (Windows Only)
  • USB Port For USB-eLicenser (License Management)
  • OS Compatible Audio Hardware**
  • DVD-ROM Dual-layer Drive
  • Internet Connection Required For Activation, Account Setup And Personal / Product Registration

* Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase version included.

** ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance.

*** Aero mode needs to be activated in Windows 7.