DISC Jupiter JTR-1104RL Trumpet with Free Slimpitch Tuner

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  • Free Korg Slimpitch Tuner, Case, Mouthpiece & Maintenance Kit
  • Features Professional Clear Lacquered Finish with Gold Brass Bell
  • Suitable for Professional Players and Advancing Students Alike
  • Monel Valves for Sturdy, Reliable Action
  • Adjustable Third Valve Ring for Comfortable Playability

DISC Jupiter JTR-1104RL Trumpet with Free Slimpitch Tuner


The Jupiter JTR-1104RL Trumpet is a robust, reliable instrument for the developing musician. The trumpet produces a flexible range of sounds with balanced frequencies. The body and keywork are both made from high quality, clear lacquered brass that helps to keep the instrument durable and aesthetically pleasing. This trumpet features nickel silver fittings and monel valves for long lasting reliability. To help players achieve their maximum performance comfort, this trumpet has an adjustable third valve slide ring. This Jupiter JTR-1104RL trumpet comes with a free Korg slimpitch chromatic tuner and contact microphone which has accurate measurements and an LCD display for ease of use at lessons, home and gigs. As well as this the trumpet comes with a case, mouthpiece, and maintenance kit.

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Gold Brass Bell and Leadpipe

The Jupiter JTR-1104RL trumpet features a gold brass bell that you might expect only from high end professional models. The higher quantity of copper in the brass composition, enables a warmer sound than standard yellow brass, with large tonal focus and projection. The gold brass lead pipe helps provide edgy tones, to give characteristics commonly associated with trumpet fanfares and voluntaries. This combination results in a warm, full bodied sound with plenty of projection and power, suitable for symphonic playing styles.

Monel Valves

Monel valves are manufactured as a mix of nickel and copper, a combination proven to resist corrosion, whilst also enabling smooth and swift movement of the valves between casing. The copper content combines with the gold brass bell for a warmer sound providing tonal focus and depth to the trumpet's tonal characteristics. This valve type also keeps intonation accurate and clear, which is a necessity for modern musicians.

Heavier Weight and Extra Bracing

The JTR-1104RL features extra bracing which adds more weight to the instrument, helping to produce a more focused and heavier tonal centre. This quality is suited to lead players or soloists who want to tap into the extra depth of sound, with little effort required. The extra bracing also reinforces the trumpet, making it more hard wearing and less prone to damage from minor knocks.

Full Outfit

The Jupiter JTR-1104RL comes with a case, mouthpiece and maintenance kit which means you can play straight out of the box. The maintenance kit gives players the opportunity to maintain their instrument to a high standard for longer.

Free Korg Slimpitch Tuner

The Korg slimpitch chromatic tuner is a compact tuner for the brass band and orchestral performers. The Slimpitch tuner provides a bright, high-contrast colour LCD. The body is so compact that the unit can fit in your hand. A contact mic is included, and a recently-developed magnet mechanism allows you to attach the unit to your music stand without it getting in the way of your sheet music. The tuner is easily portable and is small enough to fit either in your instrument case or pocket. In louder environments you can use your included mic to pick-up your own sound.

Korg Slimpitch Features

  • Compact Design Makes for Easy Portability
  • Dedicated Mini-Jack Contact Mic is Included
  • Advanced Colour LCD for Improved Visibility
  • Protective Cover can also be Used as a Stand
  • Auto Power-Off and Memory Backup Functions
  • High-Performance Tuner that also Provides Transpose Functionality
  • Magnet Allows the Unit to be Conveniently Attached to Your Music Stand

Korg Slimpitch Specifications

  • Precision: +/-1 Cent
  • Scale: 12-Note Equal Temperament
  • Transpose range: C, F, B-Flat, E-Flat
  • Weight (Including Batteries): 0.028kg
  • Reference Pitch: A4 = 410 - 480 Hz (1 Hz Steps)
  • Range (Sine Wave): A0 (27.50 Hz) - C8 (4,186 Hz)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 75 x 32 x 15mm, (2.95 x 1.26 x 0.59")
  • Battery Life: Approximately 8 Hours (Tuner Continuously Operating, A4 Input)
  • Accessories: Dedicated Contact Microphone, Metal Plate, CR2032 Lithium Battery (3V) x 1 (for Verifying Operation)

JTR-1104RL Trumpet Specifications

  • Key Of: Bb
  • Finish: Clear Lacquered Brass
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm
  • Bell Finish: Gold Brass
  • Bore Size: 11.7mm
  • Valves: Monel
  • Leadpipe: Gold Brass
  • Tuning Slide: Rose Brass
  • Fittings: Nickel Silver
  • Outer Slides: Nickel Silver Alloy
  • Included Accessories: Case, Mouthpiece & Maintenance Kit