DISC Legere Alto Clarinet Synthetic Reed, Strength 3

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  • Legere Alto Clarinet Synthetic Reed
  • Strength 3
  • Accurate Strength and Precision Engineering
  • Long Lasting and Durable

DISC Legere Alto Clarinet Synthetic Reed, Strength 3


The Legere range of synthetic alto clarinet reeds is a leading innovation, which combats the use of potentially temperamental cane reeds. These synthetic reeds offer a precision cut and exact strength which is not always achievable with standard wooden reeds. The synthetic reeds will also last much longer, meaning less money spent on reed changes.

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Durable and Long Lasting

Whereas a traditional cane reed would need changing regularly due to damage and natural wear, this synthetic Legere reed will last much longer due to its composite materials used. This means that less money needs to be spent on reeds and in the long run will save on money!

Precision Engineering

Made from some of the latest materials and using extremely advanced machine crafting, the Legere reeds are built so that every reed will be identical to the next. With many cane reeds, there are differences from one reeds strength to another, but with Legere reeds, you can be sure that every reed will be absolutely consistent.


"I must say that when I actually tried the reed I was more than pleasantly surprised! The consistency in the strengths is outstanding - I must say that I've been increasing frustrated by traditional reed manufactures lack of consistency between the grades. With Legere you know exactly what you're getting straight out of the box."

Barnaby Robson, Principal Clarinettist, Philharmonia Orchestra of London

"The Legere reeds are the way of the future, now! They have phenomenal consistency, excellent response and reliability. Most importantly, they help create a beautiful, smooth tone in all registers. Using a fantastic reed, one can finally get on to making music, instead of just playing the clarinet."

Ricardo Morales, The Philadelphia Orchestra

If you are unsure which strength reed is most suited to you, check out the comparison chart below, which features comparisons between many of the top cane reed brands.