DISC Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RS 25th Anniversary Model Trumpet

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  • Limited Edition Model to Celebrate 25 Years of Xeno Trumpets
  • Xeno Series Draws Together a Map of Craftsmanship
  • Features Xeno 25th Anniversary Engraving on Bell
  • Series Inspires Players with Incredible Power & Projection
  • Combines Old Favoured Features with New Unique Specifications

DISC Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RS 25th Anniversary Model Trumpet


The Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RS 25th Anniversary Model Trumpet design includes a combination of features. To give it a limited edition quality Yamaha has introduced some new unique specifications, as well as transferring some old favoured features across from popular Xeno series models. The YTR-8335RS comes with a professional looking silver plated body with a gold plated trim. This design is made up of high quality materials that ensure the fittings are reliable for years to come. Xeno's long and illustrious history has enabled this model to provide gentle maturity, and warm, charismatic tones all in one trumpet. Included with this trumpet is a gold plated version of the TR16C4 mouthpiece and a limited edition Xeno backpack-style hard case, in blue.

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Xeno 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Xeno trumpet series, Yamaha has introduced the limited edition YTR-8335RS model, introducing a combination of old favoured features with new unique specifications. Initially introduced back in 1990, this series draws together a map of craftsmanship involving outstanding instrument design and advanced technology, as well as the experience, talent and dreams of honoured artists from all over the world. The trumpets in this series inspire players with their incredible power and projection. Together with their redefined resistance and response these trumpets have great tonal flexibility. Xeno's long and illustrious history has enabled this model to provide gentle maturity and warm, charismatic tones all in one trumpet.

High Quality Materials and Reliable Fittings

Being of such exceptional value to its players, the YTR-8335RS combines some of the most popular features from the Xeno series so far, with some new unique specifications to give it a limited edition quality. The new lighter and slightly more open designed bell features a stunning 'Xeno 25th Anniversary' engraving, capable of producing warm tones and exceptional projection. Another visible change to this trumpet design is the unique curved double tuning slide brace, that enables sonic benefits. The flowing form of this brace adds ideal resistance to a free-blowing reversed leadpipe design, whilst the rare edition of a dual brace configuration provides stability to the instrument's tone.

To further improve resistance Yamaha has now improved the height of the main slide water key gutter. The ends of the water key have also been changed and are now curled for improved response. The piston buttons, valve caps, and bottom caps are the same as those used on the Xeno Artist Model. The thinner valve casing and pistons provide an instrument with the ideal blowing resistance, as well as improving the trumpets response due to the modified angle of the branch tube (knuckle). This creates a new airflow through the pistons and a lighter block. A reduced wall thickness combined with a lighter piston makes the response easier and less tiring for the performer.

The knuckles have been readdressed which now enables the piping bends in to the block at a 90 degree angle, increasing resistance when blowing down the instrument and in turn creating a brighter tone. The piston buttons, valve caps, and bottom caps are all used to improve the overall balance of the instrument for optimum air resistance and enhanced tone. To enhance the YTR-8335RS' professional look further, these parts are all gold plated. The hollow-head 3rd valve slide stopper screw helps to produce subtly freer air resistance, whilst also improving the trumpets overall playing feel. The button featured on the first slide of the trumpet is used to fine-tune the blowing resistance to create better control. The medium-large bore provides a sufficient amount of resistance to produce a bright and centred tone with plenty of colour and character. Finally the barrel-shaped ferrule, transferred across from the Xeno artist model, adds further depth and richness to the instrument's timbre. This design is made up of some of Yamaha's highest quality materials and features reliable, durable fittings that will last for years to come.

Gold Plated Mouthpiece & Limited Edition Xeno Case

The YTR-8335RS Trumpet comes with a special gold-plated version of the TR16C4 mouthpiece, capable of producing smooth sounds with tonal depth. Also included with this model is a limited edition backpack-style hard case. The case comes in blue and provides exception protection for this sentimental master piece.


  • Unique Curved Double Brace Tuning Slide Design
  • Free-Blowing Reversed Leadpipe Design
  • Gold-Plated Top and Bottom Valve Caps
  • Lighter Screw and Stopper on 3rd Valve Slide
  • Lighter A-Type One-Piece French Bead Bell
  • Special Gold-Plated Version of the TR16C4 Mouthpiece
  • Xeno 25th Anniversary Bell Engraving


  • Key Of: Bb
  • Bell: One-Piece, Yellow Brass
  • Bell Diameter: 127mm (5")
  • Bore Size: Medium-Large
  • Finish: Silver Plated with Gold Plated Trim
  • Included Accessories: One Gold Plated TR16C4 Mouthpiece & One Limited Edition Backpack-Style Hard Case in Blue