DISC Yamaha YSL882O Ltd. Edition Xeno 20th Anniversary Bb/F Trombone

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  • Limited Edition Model Celebrates 20 Years of Xeno Series
  • Includes 20th Anniversary Xeno Case + Sullivan Mouthpiece
  • Xeno Series Draws Together a Map of Craftsmanship
  • Features Elegant Xeno 20th Anniversary Engraving on Bell
  • Combines Old Favoured Features with New Unique Specifications

DISC Yamaha YSL882O Ltd. Edition Xeno 20th Anniversary Bb/F Trombone


The Yamaha YSL882O Limited Edition Xeno 20th Anniversary Model Trombone features a professional looking clear lacquer finish, complimented by a yellow brass bell. To give it a limited edition quality Yamaha has introduced some new unique specifications, as well as transferring some old favoured features across from popular Xeno series models. The YSL882O is made up of high quality materials that ensure the fittings are reliable for years to come. Xeno's long and illustrious history has enabled this model to provide gentle maturity, and warm, charismatic tones all in one trombone. Included with this trombone is a sullivan mouthpiece and a 20th anniversary xeno trombone case.

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Xeno 20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Xeno trombone series, Yamaha has introduced the limited edition YSL882O model, including a combination of old favoured features with new unique specifications. Initially introduced back in 1995, this series draws together a map of craftsmanship involving outstanding instrument design and advanced technology, as well as the experience, talent and dreams of honoured artists from all over the world. The trombones in this series inspire players with their incredible power and projection. Together with their redefined resistance and response these trombones have great tonal flexibility. Xeno's long and illustrious history has enabled this model to provide gentle maturity and warm, charismatic tones all in one trombone.

High Quality Materials and Reliable Fittings

Being of such exceptional value to its players, the YSL882O combines some of the most popular features from the Xeno series so far, with some new unique specifications to give it a limited edition quality. The standard tuning slide has been replaced with a much more attractive gold brass one. The cap on this model is the same as the rotary valve cap featured on the YBL-822G, producing a rich resonance but with a slightly different edge than the standard Xeno model. Additional refinement is a result of optimized resistance adds which are included with this limited edition special. The YSL882O Trombone features a wider hand slide with a nickel silver crook that yields a solid and powerful tone. The bell features a stunning 'Xeno 20th Anniversary' engraving, capable of producing warm tones and exceptional projection. This design is made up of some of Yamaha's highest quality materials and features reliable, durable fittings that will last for years to come.

Sullivan Mouthpiece + 20th Anniversary Xeno Trombone Case

The YSL882O Trombone comes with a sullivan mouthpiece, capable of producing smooth sounds with tonal depth. Also included with this model is a 20th anniversary Xeno trombone case. The case comes in a two-tone ivory and brown colour with brown lining, and provides exception protection for this sentimental master piece.


  • Wider Hand Slide with Nickel Silver Crook, Contributes to Solid/Powerful Tone
  • Gold Brass Main Tuning Slide
  • Xeno 20th Anniversary Bell Engraving


  • Key Of: Bb/F
  • Bell: Yellow Brass
  • Inner Slide Material: Nickel Silver
  • Outer Slide Material: Yellow Brass with a Nickel Silver Crook
  • Bell Diameter: 220mm (8 2/3")
  • Bore Size: Large, 13.89mm (0.547")
  • Finish: Clear Lacquer
  • Included Accessories: Sullivan Mouthpiece + 20th Anniversary Xeno Trombone Case