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Exclusive SJC Colour Rush Kits and Ltd. Ed. Snares at Gear4music

SJC Colour Rush LTD ED Shell Pack, White with Brass HW
SJC Colour Rush LTD ED Shell Pack, White with Brass HW
Now in stock at Gear4music are the SJC Colour Rush range, a vibrant series of custom kits that provide the modern drummer with the rare opportunity to be the focal point of any live performance. Adding to the already colourful dynamic of the SJC range, the Colour Rush Shell Packs embody the brands commitment to creating show stopping centrepiece drum kits.

The latest additions to SJC's fast-growing expanse of custom drum shell packs, the Colour Rush series see a number of classic kit configurations combined with stunning one of a kind finishes. Due to customer demand, Gear4music have expanded their range of colour options so that we can now offer five exclusive and unique finishes. Each kit has been made to the meticulous standard that SJC have proudly built their reputation, resulting in a collection of premium grade drums manufactured with the player specifically in mind. Combining elite craftsmanship with outstanding quality and tone, SJC continue to deliver superior grade kits to those drummers who desire something that little bit more extravagant.

Featuring all maple shells, the kits are adept at reproducing smooth lows and even mids, making them ideal for rock, metal and punk genres. Each of the kit's toms are individually tuned prior to its arrival so that you can start playing as soon as it's out the box!

An ideal foundation for any player, the SJC Colour Rush Limited edition shell pack is a base upon which the player can expand with various add-on drums and holders. When used with similarly high quality cymbals and hardware, the Colour Rush Series offer a truly memorable experience for any drummer regardless of their playing ability.

Also currently available are the SJC Limited Edition Snare Drums Featuring an attractive black nickel over steel shell, tube lugs, Evans USA drumheads, trick throw-off and an intricately worked limited edition wooden badge, the snare's sport a truly distinctive appearance. Exclusively created for Gear4music, the SJC Custom Drums Limited Edition Snares are the perfect example of SJC's penchant for developing beautifully crafted bespoke products. Available in extremely limited quantities, these snares are available for sale now, so don't miss out!

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 17 Feb 2017 10:53 to category : Instruments News

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