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NAMM 2017: Sabian Artisan, Effects Cymbals, HHX

Sabian Artisan 20
Sabian Artisan 20" Elite Cymbal
Sabian have unveiled a major launch at this years winter NAMM. A selection of choice cymbals that offer a whole new spectrum of audio possibilities. Included in the release are the B8X ballistic crash, AA Mini Holy China, XSR Fast Stax and AAX Aero Splash. Otherwise known as 'effects cymbals', this dynamic selection of cymbals have been specifically designed to spice up your your kits sound, giving you a tonal variety uncommon in other brands set ups.

The B8x indulges an innovative new hammering technique that sees the cymbal hammered from the bottom up. Made specifically thin to help maintain its high pitched tone, the B8x entertains a variety of genres and is great for accenting your beats. For those who want a bit more of a spice to their playing, look no further than XSR Fast Stax which houses a thin 13" X-Celerator top fitting snuggly over a wide-lipped 16" Chinese bottom, this sizzling-loud effects stack delivers an abundance of clarity and attack. Want a unique appearance and distinctive tone? The AA Mini Holy China features an exaggerated high profile, mini holes and a raw bell encouraging a trashy and punchy tone. If none of the aforementioned cymbals suit your particular palette, you can count on the AAX Aero Splash to deliver the goods. An all round white noise trash making machine that features enough high end to cut through any mix, the AAX aero splash is ideally suited to loud volume scenarios where it can deliver perfectly executed musical accents until the cows come home.

Alongside the effects cymbals are the Artisan Elite Hats. Deeply dark and rich, their light weight helps to project a lower pitch than found in regular hi hats, making them ideal for situations in which volume and high dynamics are a particular priority. Artisan Elite Hats culminate centuries of progress in Sabian's art of cymbal making. Manufactured through a combination of high density hammering and unique lathing, they are able to reach a deeper and darker tone previously unattainable by other cymbals.

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By Josh Hummerston Posted on 20 Jan 2017 15:41 to category : Instruments News

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