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Introducing Our New Warehouse

Take the tour of our new warehouse facility!
Take the tour of our new warehouse facility!
Take a behind-the-scenes look at our new warehouse facility!

Thanks to you, our customers, we've become one of the fastest-growing music companies in Europe. This has enabled us to take steps to provide a better shopping experience for you, recently launching a new website and re-locating to bigger premises.

The first phase was to move our depot facility, which has now doubled in space, taking up the majority of our new 135,000 square foot combined storage, retail and office space (a building that's large enough to contain about 10 Glastonbury Pyramid Stages!) Here's a guided tour about how the new warehouse facility operates.

At Goods In, shipments are received twice a day from suppliers based all over the world, including deliveries of our own brand musical instruments. Here, they are checked, sorted and sent to be stored down one of the 33 aisles of racking.

When your order is placed, we pick your items from the racks and bring them to one of the many packing stations, where we carefully package your order and label it ready for shipping to you.

Up to 55 Warehouse employees make sure your order is picked, packed and posted. We had a busy first month in the new building, sending out over 100,000 products to over 19 countries during December!

There are over 180 metres of conveyors fitted with sensors, transporting your items to the lorries ready for dispatch... that's about the same length as 180 Gibson Les Paul guitars laid end to end. The new conveyer system means we can get your order into the delivery vehicles more efficiently, as previously, items were loaded by hand. The variety of courier networks we use then transport the items to locations both nationally and internationally!

The new site is a huge 6.15 acres overall and will eventually house the entire Gear4music family under one roof. Our returns and repairs department is on the new site, equipped to provide the best technical support possible, as well as a larger in-house photography studio and office facilities to accommodate the growing customer service and sales team.

There will be a bigger, better showroom, open to the public where you can visit to demo and compare products with the help of our knowledgeable shop staff. With more customer parking and a more convenient location for shoppers, the new site is located on Clifton Moor in York and will be open to the public later in the year.

The new warehouse by numbers:

135,000 square feet

100,000 items shipped during December

180 metres of conveyerbelt

Up to 55 warehouse employees

33 aisles

14 metres high

6.15 acre site

8 loading/delivery bays

You can find out more about our journey here , and follow Gear4music on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear about product launches, music news and competitions.

By Alice Thomson

Posted on 17 Mar 2014 15:09 to category : Gear4music

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