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Zoom Launch H6 Recorder with Interchangeable Mics

Zoom's latest creation also lets you record 4 channels simultaneously with 24-bit 96kHz high-quality audio. The H6 can also be used as a 6-in, 2-out USB audio interface.
The first handheld recorder with interchangeable microphones
Zoom have launched the first handheld recorder with interchangeable attachments, the Zoom H6.

The latest field recorded for Zoom comes with swappable XY and MS mics, providing greater recording versatility.

Zoom's latest creation also lets you record 4 channels simultaneously with 24-bit 96kHz high-quality audio. The H6 can also be used as a 6-in, 2-out USB audio interface.

The H6 is available as the basic unit with XY and MS devices, but a host of optional extras are available such as an expansion unit, letting you record up to 6 channels, a shotgun mic and a hot shoe adaptor for your DSLR camera.

With 20 hours of battery power from 4xAA batteries and the two microphone options, the H6 will be a really useful tool for recording on location.

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By Alice Thomson

Posted on 10 Jun 2013 10:50 to category : Instruments News

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