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ROLI BLOCKS Available For Purchase at Gear4music Now

ROLI Lightpad Block
ROLI Lightpad Block
ROLI's BLOCKS have just landed in stock at Gear4music. A revolution in in the application of musical creativity, the ROLI BLOCKS give the player the unprecedented opportunity to make music any time, anywhere!

The centrepiece of the ROLI BLOCK sensation is the ROLI Lightpad BLOCK, an innovative, compact and portable controller that lets you guide your music with a touch of your fingertip. With its glowing interface you can see in real time the precise location of the applied pressure and the direction in which it is administered.

You can strike, press and move your fingers across the surface and direct your music's sound according to your own physical movement. With such a sensitive and responsive surface, you can easily dictate the dynamics of your creation, making it easy to create a wide range of expressive sounds and tones.

To make the ROLI light block even more exciting, you can connect it to other Lightblocks to allow for a virtually unlimited platform for creativity. With the Lightpad BLOCK you can create anything from drum beats to melodies. With the ROLI Lightpad Block you are also able build upon the foundations of your favourite artists with custom collections which have been specifically created for the ROLI BLOCK universe.

An further two additional components that can be used in conjunction with the ROLI Lightpad Block are the ROLI Live BLOCK and ROLI Loop BLOCK .

The ROLI Live BLOCK is an add-on unit for the ROLI Lightpad BLOCK and provides added functionality to your device; including the ability to switch scales and octaves. Perfect for use within a live environment, you have quick and easy access to your parameters as well as the ability to save and then recall your favourite sounds. A compact and lightweight design allow the Live Block to connect and click to any side of the ROLI Light pad BLOCK, making it a convenient addition to your ROLI Light pad BLOCK.

The ROLI Loop BLOCK provides the individual with an entire range of looping functionality and controls that add a sense of versatility to your creative palette. The Loop BLOCK provides the player with a recording and editing functionality that helps you to extend your sequences, play them back and suitably expand upon them. Additionally, you can change the volume, and toggle the modes to set a tempo so that you can perform and record accurately and professionally.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 22 Feb 2017 12:10 to category : Instruments News

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