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At Gear4music we know more professional music is produced at home than ever before, with this in mind we have a large selection of M-Audio audio and MIDI interfaces to choose from at incredibly low prices. We stock products including the USB MIDI Interface, the M-Audio Midisport 2x2 and the high quality M-Track Quad USB audio interface. View All Information

M-Audio Interfaces

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About M-Audio Interfaces

M-Audio design and manufacture a variety of audio products, including digital audio workstations interfaces, keyboard MIDI controllers, condenser microphones, and studio monitors.

Specializing in audio interfaces M-Audio products are used in many world renowned recording studies and can also prove to be ideal for home musicians and DJ’s alike.

M-Audio Audio Interface News

M-Audio Uber Mic is the Brand New Multipurpose Mic for 2017

Versatile in its functionality, the Uber Mic offers the user extended performance capabilities, including the inclusion of various microphone configurations.... More »

M-Audio Launch M-Track 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro Bundle

Looking to get that perfect take? M-Audio's M-Track 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro gives you professional standard recording capabilities in a robust and compact format.... More »

Buy M-Audio's CODE Series (Black) Get Free Plugin Suite

From the 1st of May right up until the 31st of July existing users and new customers receive a plug-in suite worth up to £350 alongside their CODE Controller... More »