DISC Pearl Wood Fiberglass Ltd Ed. Shell Pack, Satin Cocoa Burst

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  • Limited Edition Reissue of a 60s Classic
  • Stunning Satin Cocoa Burst Finish
  • 7-ply Kapur and Hand Applied Fiberglass Shells
  • Professional Quality Shell Pack, Ideal for Gigging Drummers
  • Hardware, Cymbals and Snare Not Included

DISC Pearl Wood Fiberglass Ltd Ed. Shell Pack, Satin Cocoa Burst


The Pearl FW924XSP Wood Fiberglass harks back to the late 1960s when Pearl first introduced these stunning shells. Combining the desirable kapur tonewood with a hand applied inner layer of fiberglass, the Wood Fiberglass kit offers warmth and depth with a sharp decay thanks to the cutting Fiberglass. This kit is perfect for players who desire a loud and fat sound with plenty of focus and articulation. The incredible Satin Cocoa Burst finish has been hand lacquered, a the results are simply breathtaking.

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Please note: This Pearl shell pack does not include cymbals, hardware, tom arms or a snare drum.


    • 22" x 16" Bass Drum
    • 10" x 7" Tom
    • 12" x 8" Tom
    • 16" x 14" Floor Tom

    • 7-ply Kapur-Blended Shells
    • 7.5mm Shell Thickness
    • Hand-applied Inner Layer of Fiberglass
    • Sharp 45 Degree Bearing Edges on Toms
    • Rounded Bearing Edges on Bass Drums
    • Superhoops II Hoops
    • RL10/20 Session style lugs
    • Remo Clear Pinstripe Tom Batter Heads
    • Remo Powerstroke Coated Batter
    • Remo Powerstroke Clear Front Head
    • Molded Rubber Gaskets
    • OptiMount Suspension System
    • Telescoping Spurs with Rubber Or Spike Tip
    • Hand Lacquered Finish