Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Large Selection of Onboard Sounds and Samples
  • 64MB Flash-ROM for Loading Your Own Samples
  • TCS "Textured Cellular Silicone" Tom Pads
  • 3-Zone Snare and Cymbal Pads Offer an Expressive Feel
  • 2 USB Ports for Storage and Connecting to Computer

Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX700K is a professional electronic drum kit from one of the biggest names in drums. It features DTX-PADS for snare, toms, hi-hat controller and 3-zone cymbals. The snare and toms feature Yamaha's Textured Cellular Silicone pads for an expressive, authentic stick feel. The training functions of the DTX700 module help you develop solid timing, and with the DTX700's 1,396 unique sounds and samples, there is a sound for every moment. With two USB ports, players can load their own samples onto the built-in 64MB Flash-ROM, and also record their playing.

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Incredibly Versatile Performance and Sounds

The Yamaha DTX700K Electronic Drum Kit features an extremely versatile module, boasting a total of 1396 unique high-quality sounds, including real Yamaha acoustic drums, cymbals, and percussion samples in addition to sounds from the MOTIF XF synthesizer. Players can choose from a variety of kits, or customise the sounds for a personalised performance. The samples are extremely realistic, down to the smallest detail, including snare buzz and tom resonance, so that you will feel like you're listening to a set of acoustic drums.

DTX700K Module

The DTX700K module features an onboard mixer and individual faders for each component, allowing total control over the kit's sound. The DTX700 module also has two USB ports, allowing you to connect to your laptop or PC. The first USB port lets you record yourself via MIDI, while the second one allows you to input your own drumming software and custom drum kit sounds. You can import up to 64MB of new sounds and samples directly into the module via USB.

Pad Songs

The DTX700K also features 'Pad Songs', which start and stop in sync with the drummer. They allow you to play along with or without the drum track, with just the bass player, or with a full band. Pad Songs are a huge advantage to both experienced drummers and new players, as you control all aspects of the song.

Textured Cellular Silicon

The 700K has DTX-PADS, featuring Yamaha's Textured Cellular Silicon playing surface, which is a silicon pad that is injected with air to make it feel extremely close to an acoustic skin. This helps drummers who practice on an electric kit transfer to an acoustic kit much more easily. The snare drum features three zones for advanced playing. The snare has a side-stick sound, a rim-shot sound and the main snare sound.

Three-Zone Cymbals

The Yamaha DTX700K has a PCY135 crash cymbal and ride cymbal, which feature three zones. Sound emanates from the bell, the shoulder, and the edge of the cymbals. Players can also mute and pre-mute their cymbals. Overall the cymbals give off a very expressive feel.

Realistic Hi-Hat Sounds

The hi-hats on the Yamaha DTX700K include RHH135 and HS650A cymbals and come equipped with an acoustic stand and pedal. They deliver a realistic sound whilst opening and closing the cymbals, even when bending the cymbals, letting the drummer play them as an acoustic hi-hat.


  • 5 Piece DTX Drum set including 2 cymbals and hi-hats.
  • 3-zone TCS 'Textured Cellular Silicone' snare drum pad
  • TCS 'Textured Cellular Silicone' tom tom pads
  • Two 3-zone cymbal pads
  • Real hi-hat stand with moving hi-hat pad
  • Compact RS500 rack
  • 1,396 voices, 64 note polyphony
  • Includes real Yamaha acoustic drum samples.
  • 100 MB Wave-ROM, 64 MB Flash-ROM
  • USB to DEVICE/to HOST, Aux In/sampling In
  • 12 trigger inputs, Aux In/sampling In

Please note: Kick pedal not included.


  • Module: DTX700
  • Snare: XP80
  • Tom: XP70 x 2
  • Floor Tom: XP70
  • Bass Drum: KP65
  • Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS650A
  • Crash Cymbal: PCY135
  • Ride Cymbal: PCY135
  • Rack: RS500
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