DISC Origin Effects SlideRIG Compressor

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  • Compact Pedal for Clean Sustain for Slide Guitar Tones
  • 100% Class­ A Discrete Signal Path
  • Clean and Transparent Tone with Sustain
  • Selectable True, or Buffered, Bypass
  • Chained Compressors for More “Squash”

DISC Origin Effects SlideRIG Compressor


The Origin Effects SlideRIG is a highly specialised dual compressor pedal that reproduces the legendary tones of a slide guitar. Equipped with 100% Class­ A discrete signal path to offer a clean and transparent tone with plenty of sustain. This durable pedal includes two chain-connected 1176-style compressor-circuits that process your guitar’s signal at all times, and also allows you to choose from true, buffered or bypass modes. Controlling this unit is easy, and consists of two identical blocks of controls, that allow you to set up two different tones and easily switch between during live performances.

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Clean Sustain in One Compact Pedal

The Origin Effects SlideRIG was especially developed to offer slide players the ultimate clean sustain. Featuring a clean and transparent tone with a shimmering sustain, the SlideRIG is the perfect tool for using with a slide guitar.


This top quality, unique dual compressor was inspired by vintage studio compressors, and features vintage tones that are ideal for blues and bluegrass players.It works by squeezing and amplifying your guitar signal to create elongated notes with great sustain. Equipped with two chain-connected 1176-style compressor-circuits that process your guitar’s signal at all times. Duplicated controls of Solo and Rhythm allow the user to effortlessly switch between two different patches. Each block of controls can also be used simultaneously to achieve the perfect sound.


  • 100% Class­ A discrete signal path 
  • Chained compressors for more “squash”   
  • Two user­ presets for extra versatility  
  •  Ultra­fast “FET” response    
  • Internal Attack & Release presets   
  • Studio­grade “discrete” preamplifier   
  •  Low noise electronics  for quiet applications  
  • Selectable True, or Buffered, Bypass   
  • Traditional Through-­Hole PCB   
  • 50 hours life from single 9V / PP3 cell   
  • PSU Spec. Min: 10mA@9V / 19mA@18V. Suggested: 100mA    
  • Designed and built in England 


  • Controls:Output, Ratio, Input/comp for solo and rhythm
  • Weight:1020 g
  • Dimensions:161 x 205 x 68 mm
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