M-Audio Code 49 Controller Keyboard

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249.99 (including VAT @ 23%)

This product is currently not available for purchase

  • Includes VIP 3.0 Software For VST Control
  • New Editor Software
  • 49 Key Semi-Weighted Keybed
  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads
  • Built-in X/Y Touch Pad, 2 x Mod Wheels

M-Audio Code 49 Controller Keyboard


The M-Audio Code 49 Controller Keyboard is an innovative new 49 semi-weighted key MIDI controller keyboard which combines the best of both MIDI controllers and keyboards to create a unique and fully comprehensive MIDI controller. Featuring a range of controls such as 16 LED backlit drum pads, modulation wheels, faders, rotary knobs and X/Y touch pad the Code 49 can directly connect to compatible DAW's via USB or to other MIDI instruments via the MIDI In/Out connections.

Product Ref: 55019

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Full Description

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Now Available - VIP 3.0 With EastWest Support

The third-generation of the innovative platform, accompanying a wide-range of M-Audio & Akai based MIDI controllers. One of the most prominent enhancements to the system is the is the MIDI Learn functionality, allowing you to map the controls of any VIP-compatible keyboard to VIP’s parameters, allowing you to use the ever-growing library of MIDI controller mapping for added convenience. Pad Chord Progressions are also not included, allowing you to play factory or user defined chord progressions. Key Control modes also allow you to play scales, harmonised chords or chords progressions for added versatility. The VIP software now includes support for EastWest’s full catalogue of virtual instruments, including the award-winning ComposerCloud subscription service. The VIP 3.0 software allows you to play virtually any VST compatible plug-in and/or effects unit. Another highly useful feature is the VIP Native Plugin Map, allowing 3rd party virtual instrument and effect creators to craft their own plugin maps for optimised VIP integration and improved workflow.

Editor Software

The Code series from M-Audio now features new editor software, providing a visual and intuitive way to edit all the various controls and functions within the Code keyboards. You can use the editor software to do everything from send MIDI message to and from the Code keyboard to editing the parameters for a type of control your Code unit. The highly intuitive control panel gives you access to a wide range of controls and functions, as well as allowing you to edit and save presets with ease. This gives you an expanded control over your Code keyboard, allowing you to edit and control virtually every aspect and parameter found on the Code.

Assignable Controllers

The M-Audio Code range features a wide range of parameters and controls, to provide you with all the tools you will need to improve your workflow and creativity. There are a range of assignable parameter controls including multiple banks of buttons, pads, faders plus the standard pitch bend and modulation wheels to craft and edit your sounds. The newest addition this line of M-Audio controllers is the integrated X/Y Touchpad, which gives you another way to interact with your library of sounds. Use the X/Y Touchpad to affect everything from modulation to the volume of an effect on a sound. The keyboard can also be split into four assignable zones for added versatility, allowing you to trigger up to four different instrument in their own separate zone.

Fluid Playability

The M-Audio Code series features an all-new keybed with a precise and natural feel, with the keys both velocity and pressure sensitive for optimal expression. The natural feeling keybed is ideal for pianists making the jump from piano to MIDI keyboard. It also adds natural dynamics to your sounds, allowing you to capture the velocity changes for a more natural and accurate sound.

Backlit Drum Pads

One of the most versatile features on the M-Audio Code is the 16 assignable RGB backlit velocity sensitive drum pads. This large collection of drum pads is incorporated to give you even more creative options, allowing you to assign different sound to each individual pad. You can use these pads for everything from creating drum loops to triggering chopped samples or vocals. The knobs, faders and buttons are also colour-coded to show you what mode they’re in, plus M-Audio have included an alphanumeric LED display which presents you with informative feedback including vital information about parameters, controls and settings for added convenience.

Easy Integration & Free Software

Another unique function the M-Audio Code possesses is the ability to execute common function and keyboard shortcut commands directly from the controller itself. This eliminates the need to constantly move from the controller to your DAW, improving your workflow. The M-Audio Code features support for Mackie Control/HUI control modes, so you can get working straight out of the box with minimal setup times. Additionally the M-Audio Code comes complete with a comprehensive software package so you have everything at your fingertips to start making music straight away. Included is a copy of Ableton Live Lite plus full version of Air Music Technology’s virtual instruments – Loom and Hybrid 3.0, giving you access to some of the best creative tools available. Ableton Live Lite is a streamlined version of the full Ableton software, supplying you with everything you need to compose, record and edit music using a range of virtual instruments quality studio effects.


  • Smooth-feeling semi-weighted keybed with four assignable zones
  • 16 velocity-sensitive and LED backlit drum pads
  • Built-in touch pad for X/Y axis control
  • Variety of assignable controllers including Mackie Control® and HUI® modes
  • USB-bus-powered for portability and ease of use
  • Full MIDI 5-Pin interface for use with outboard gear
  • Expression and Sustain pedal inputs
  • 6 Digit LED display
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite, AIR Music Technology Loom and Hybrid 3 Software


  • Number Of Keys: 49
  • Key Action: Semi-Weighted
  • Zones: 4 x Assignable
  • Pads: 16 x Velocity Sensitive
  • Mod Wheels: 2
  • Touch Pad: X/Y
  • Faders: 9
  • Rotary Knobs: 8
  • Connections: MIDI, USB
  • MIDI: In/Out
  • Compatible DAWs: Ableton Live, Apple GarageBand, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and More