Stanton T.92 Direct Drive Turntable with USB

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  • Professional Quality Turntable, High-Torque Direct-Drive Motor
  • Sturdy Construction For The Ultimate in Durability
  • USB & S/PDIF Outputs For Added Versatility
  • Includes iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner
  • S-Shaped Tone Arm Provides Excellent Tracking

Stanton T.92 Direct Drive Turntable with USB


The Stanton T.92 Direct Drive Turntable is ideal for bedroom or club DJs. The S shaped tone arm offers excellent tracking, but also reduces record and needle wear. Not only has this T92 Direct Drive turntable been designed for the DJ, but also for the vinyl enthusiast. All you need to do is plug the turntable into your computer and you can easily backup all your music as MP3 or Wav. Two start/stop buttons have been added, making it easier to use the turntable in battle mode, plus the T.92 features playback speeds of 33, 45 and 78 for added versatility.

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Convert Your Vinyl With USB

The Stanton T.92 Direct Drive Turntable features an integrated USB output that allows to convert and digitise your favourite vinyl records. The high-quality USB and S/PDIF output allows you to easily transfer your music in high-definition, thanks to the wide frequency range available. The T.92 turntable also comes complete with iZotope Music and Speech cleaner, allowing you to convert your records straight out of the box. The direct-drive motor ensures if you are moving the platter it goes to back to playing at the regular speed, near instantaneously. The high-torque motor improves the tracking of the S-shaped tone arm, making mixing and scratching more fluent.

In-Depth Control

The T.92 Turntable is also the ideal choice for professional and novice DJs alike. The precision pitch control fader features DSP key lock which allows you to change the tempo without affecting the pitch. The wide selectable range allows you to make the wildest of mixes possible. Three playback speeds are also included (33, 45 and 78RPM) as well as a Quartz lock for added control. The S-shaped tone arm produces lower distortion and superior audio fidelity, for improved sound performance.

Design & Construction

The sleek yet robust design of the turntable, is standard of Stanton, keeping the black and blue colour scheme. It features 2 start/stop switches for both Mix or Battle setups, as well as RCA stereo outputs that allow you to connect the turntable to external equipment such as mixers or interfaces. The turntable comes fitted with Stanton 300.V3 cartridge pre-mounted on the headshell, designed to capture every nuance of your vinyl records in extreme detail. Additionally, the turntable comes complete with RCA cables, a slipmat, USB cable and dust cover.


  • Professional Quality Turntable Featuring High-Torque Direct-Drive Motor
  • Sturdy Construction for the Ultimate Durability
  • USB and S/PDIF Outputs for Easily Transferring Music from Vinyl Records to your Mac or PC
  • Pitch Control Fader with DSP Key Lock (Change Tempo Without Affecting Pitch) Selectable Range (+/-8 , 12 )
  • Includes iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner
  • Includes Audiophile-Quality Stanton 300.v3 Cartridge Pre-Mounted on Headshell
  • S-Shaped Tone Arm for Lower Distortion and Superior Fidelity
  • 3 Playback Speeds (33, 45, and 78 RPM) and Quartz Lock
  • RCA Stereo Outputs (Phono / Line Switchable)
  • 2 Start/Stop Switches for Mix or Battle Setu
  • Accessories include RCA Cables, Slip Mat, USB Cable, and Dust Cover
  • Dimensions [WxHxD]: 45.2 cm x 14.3 cm x 37 cm


  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz +1/- 2 dB/ RIAA filter
  • THD+N S/N Ratio: Line Digital Output (SPDIF) 0.5Vp-p (Load 75 ohms)
  • Type: 3-speed full manual
  • Motor: 8 pole, 3 phase, brushless DC motor
  • Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45rpm and 78 rpm
  • Wow and Flutte:r Less than 0.15 WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3 rpm
  • Pitch Controls: +/- 8 , +/-12
  • Starting Torque: More than 1.6
  • Starting Time: Less than 1 sec with 33 1/3 rpm
  • Braking Time: Less than 1 sec with 33 1/3 rpm
  • Braking System: Electronic Brake
  • Time for Speed Change: Less than 1 sec with 33 1/3 rpm
  • Pitch Speed: Less than 1 sec from 45 to 33 1/3 rpm
  • Pitch Speed: Less than 1 sec from 33 1/3 to 78 rpm
  • Audio Output: Phono/Line output
  • USB Function: A/D,D/A 16BIT 44.1KHz or 48KHz USB SELECTABLE
  • Computer interface: USB 1.1 compliant, WINDOWS XP or Mac OSX
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