sE Electronics SPACE Reflexion Filter and sE2200a MP Microphone

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  • All-New, Improved Filter System
  • Prevents Unwanted Reflections
  • Includes sE2200 II Multi Pattern Microphone
  • Cardioid, Figure of 8 and Omni Polar Patterns

sE Electronics SPACE Reflexion Filter and sE2200a MP Microphone


The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter SPACE is an innovative acoustic device that took two years of research to create.The name SPACE stands for Specialised Portable Acoustic Control Environment and marks the start of a new generation of reflection filters, which is very exciting for home and project studio artists. The new model builds on the original, improving the design by adding vertical air chambers, a larger surface area and 40mm filter, which is more than double the thickness. Also included is the sE2200a II Multi Pattern, which uses a hand-crafted, 1" gold sputtered diaphragm and is based on the original sE 2200a capsule, but a 'back-to-back' version which allows for multiple polar patterns.

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The RF Filter SPACE retains the patented multi-layer design, but is thicker and with a surface area increased by 20 percent.

SPACE stands for Specialised Portable Acoustic Control Environment. Improving on what has now become the industry standard, the Reflexion Filter Pro, SPACE contains patented technology ensuring no imitations will do.

How Does It Work?

The various layers of the sE Reflexion Filter SPACE both absorb and diffuse the sound waves so progressively less of the original source acoustic energy passes through each layer. This reduces the amount of energy hitting untreated walls and surfaces so there's less or the original source reflected back as unwanted room ambience to the mic. The shape and size of the Reflexion Filter SPACE have been carefully designed to maximise absorption whilst keep colouration down to only 1dB leaving the microphone's polar pattern unaffected.

It is the patented multi layer design of the Reflexion Filter that is so effective showing extremely low levels of colouration when using a microphone with the Reflexion Filter while recording (20Hz to 20KHz) in independent tests.

2200 II Multi Pattern

sE Electronics developed the sE2200a MkII Multi Pattern in response to the needs of their users. Used on both influential and recent recordings, the sE2200a II allows for multiple polar patterns of cardioid, figure of 8 and omni.

Designed with feedback from users in mind, the sE2200a MK2 multi-pattern has also been given a face lift with sE's new custom black rubber paint finish, which is both stylish and practical, helping to damp chassis resonance which many competitor microphones suffer from.

The sE2200a II is also available in a Cardioid Condenser version, for added flexibility.