Keyboards give you the ability to access high quality sounds and features with ease making them great for beginners but also ideal for experienced players. For those looking for the most affordable introduction keyboard, Gear4music's own MK Keyboards offer full feature sets at a fraction of the price of many other keyboards. More advanced keyboards, like the Yamaha PSR-S970 are full of super realistic voices, rich effects, inputs, weighted keys as well as sound banks, to create your own unique patches.

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Keyboards provide a huge variety of sound in a compact, portable and affordable form. Ideal for beginners as well as musicians looking to expand the range of sounds they have available.

Some models, such as the Casio LK-220 and Yamaha EZ200 feature lighting keys, to guide new players.

We have used our passion for the keyboard to develop our own range of Gear4music instruments including everything from home to performance instruments.

We also have a wide range of Korg Arranger Keyboards, Yamaha Home Keyboards, Roland MIDI Keyboards and Casio Portable Keyboards so whether you're a beginner, composer, producer or performer we can help find the best keyboard for you.

Keyboard News

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Roland VR-09-B Released as Part of Brand's 'Future Redefined'

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Roland V-Combo VR-730 Performance Keyboard Released

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