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5 reasons to get excited about the Jackson 2021 MJ Series

5 reasons to get excited about the Jackson 2021 MJ Series
5 reasons to get excited about the Jackson 2021 MJ Series

5 reasons to get excited about the Jackson 2021 MJ Series

Jackson dive headfirst into 2021 with the launch of their new MJ (Made in Japan) Series of precision-made axes.

5 reasons to get excited about the Jackson 2021 MJ Series

By Luke Antonik-Yates | Published 13.01.21

Jackson has revealed 10 new guitars for 2021. All made in Japan and packed with exciting features, here are five reasons we’re loving the new Jackson guitars.

Japanese engineering - there's nothing quite like it. Pair it with a renowned brand and you’ve got something special. Those of you who know your Jacksons will find a lot of familiar faces included in the new range, but as you'll see, these 10 new guitars take those well-established Jackson body shapes and dial the feature set up to 11.

Pickups to die for

This is no one-trick pony range of guitars. Take a look at the specifications for the MJ line and one thing is immediately obvious - the wide range of pickups on offer in the various models.

Seymour Duncan humbuckers have always been a favourite with Jackson players, particularly the JB and '59 models. The all new RRT-Rhoads model's raw rock appearance showcases this combination perfectly, and they're also included on four out of the six new Dinky guitars, as well as the MJ SL2 Soloists.

Jackson RRT5 Rhoads

Two new MJ Dinkys sport DiMarzio humbuckers, The Super Distortion in the bridge is the original high-output, passive humbucker, and it's paired with a DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck position for pure foot-on-the-monitor soloing. 

Misha Mansoor's signature SoCal goes even further off-piste, featuring a boutique pickup set from UK manufacturer Bare Knuckle. This H-S-S combo offers the best of all worlds, from a raging Ragnarok humbucker at the bridge, to a pair of crunchy, resonant, Trilogy single-coils in the middle and neck. There really is something for everyone.

A brand-new signature model

Known as one of the godfathers of the 'Djent' movement, Misha Mansoor's latest signature Jackson may seem like a departure from the heavy aesthetic of his previous 'Juggernaut' models. However, the Misha Mansoor SoCal, with its curvaceous, vintage shape and bright, blue lacquer finish, is not all it appears to be.

Jackson Misha Mansoor So Cal 1

Despite appearances, the Mansoor SoCal is still every inch the road-ready riff machine you'd expect. An H-S-S set of Bare Knuckle pickups can handle everything from airy, delicate cleans, to monstrous metal riffage with ease, with the Trilogy models at the middle and bridge particularly providing a full, pushed sound that's more 'P-90' than traditional single-coil. 

Ever the perfectionist, Mansoor has included several handy extra features to ensure the SoCal lives up to his demanding expectations. An easy-adjust truss rod thumb-wheel is perfect for fine-tuning your action and intonation, while the neck and fingerboard are both made from baked maple, guaranteeing rock-solid tuning and lightning-fast fretting. The MJ Mansoor SoCal is a true wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Shop now | Jackson Misha Mansoor So Cal

Brand new, eye-catching finishes

Jackson is never shy when it comes to the guitar's finishes, and the MJ Series is no exception. From classic, no-nonsense blacks and whites to outlandish aesthetics, the MJ guitars cover every visual base imaginable. 

Two of the brand new MJ Dinky guitars in particular sport finishes that are simply made for the limelight. The DKRA and DKRM Dinkys are equipped with show-stopping ash (A) and poplar (P) tops, with the P's blue burst finish showing off the poplar's spectacular burling. 

Jackson DKR Dinky, Stealth

The DKR Dinky Stealth's black and yellow combination is another highlight, while the MJ Mansoor SoCal model's bright and breezy blue body is matched with a pure white pickguard for a vintage look that makes a refreshing change in Jackson's metal-heavy lineup. 

Free foam-core case with every guitar

Tour-grade guitars like this need to be kept safe on the road. Every Jackson MJ can be carried from gig to sweaty gig in style, thanks to the included foam-core case. Not as flimsy as a gig bag, and not as heavy as a full hard case, these cases are perfect for jumping in and out of vans and venues as you show off your new Jackson to your adoring fans. 

The sturdy straps are held together with handy velcro handles, and there's a zip-pocket on the outside for quick access to spare picks, capos, and other accessories. Precisely shaped for your choice of guitar (yes, even the MJ RRT-Rhoads!) you can hit the road with your new axe safely stowed. 

God-tier hardware

Every guitar in the MJ range comes loaded with top of the range hardware from the Japanese masters at Gotoh. Their world-renowned tuners and bridges have gained a reputation for being everything a professional musician needs - accurate, musical and pretty well indestructible!

Gotoh tremolo systems are the first choice for many players seeking an upgrade from their stock bridge. Jackson has cut out the middleman and included them as standard on every MJ guitar (except the fixed-bridge RRT-Rhoads). 

Jackson MJ DKRP Dinky

The double-locking Gotoh trem on the MJ Dinky and Soloist guitars provides an ultra-smooth, ultra-controllable pitch bend, and its matching, locking nut means you can get right back to riffing, with your strings perfectly in tune. 

The Mansoor MJ SoCal is equipped with a more traditional, non-locking, Gotoh 510 Bridge - ideal for everything from subtle, soulful vibrato to centre-stage acrobatics and anything in between. All matched with world-class Gotoh tuners, you can be sure your MJ's tuning will be absolutely spot on, every time. 

Find out more

Check out the entire Jackson 2021 range now!

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Posted on 13 Jan 2021 13:28 to category : Instruments News

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