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Denon DJ's Prime Series Gets a Spring Clean with its Latest Update

Denon DJ Prime Spring Update 2019
Denon DJ Prime Spring Update 2019

Denon DJ's flagship Prime series has just been given a huge spring update! Read more about this free firmware upgrade for the SC5000 & SC5000M Media Players, X1800 mixer, and Engine Prime software.

Denon DJ Prime Series

Denon DJ Prime Update v1.3.1

Denon DJ Prime is a community-led project. By constantly listening to what its customers want, Denon DJ has been able to provide crucial updates and popular new creative features. The latest software update v1.3.1 is packed full of new features, and here are just a few of the highlights.


Rekordbox is a frequent talking point in the Denon DJ community. The latest update to this software allows you to directly import Rekordbox playlists, hot-cues, and memory loops to your Denon DJ machine.

Transfer your extensively curated Rekordbox collection directly onto your SC5000/SC5000M Media Player, and even the new Prime 4 (which will come with v1.3.1 pre-installed).

The import speed of Serato, iTunes, and Traktor has also been vastly improved. This means it’s now quicker than ever to import new tracks and beats from these platforms onto your machine.


Denon DJ has improved the speed and efficiency of accessing music on the SC5000/M; each device now provides standalone editing of crates and playlists. Users can now add/edit/remove crates and playlists on the fly, without the need for a computer.

New Search Filters (with additional criteria such as ‘Comments’ and ‘Date Added’) also allow you to add tracks to crates and playlists. Whether you’re prepping for a show or performing on stage, the latest update gives you total control of your music.

New Musical Key Change and Key Sync features on the SC5000/M allow you to seamlessly evolve your tracks. High-fidelity key adjustment ensures there are little to no detrimental artefacts. This means that users can now transpose their tracks in semitone increments or match the key with the single press of a button.

X1800 Prime Mixer Update v1.2

The X1800 has also been given a new software update (v1.2). Highlights of this update include OLED screen improvements with adjustable brightness and a screensaver mode, as well as a new ‘limiter’ icon that can be shown if a limiter is active.

The X1800 also features a new Gate Threshold setting; added to the microphone inputs to avoid onstage mishaps from blasting through your mixes. You can now also route microphone signals through your headphones and utilise the brand-new frequency bands - added to the microphone’s EQ Low setting.

Go Prime

Denon DJ always keeps one finger on the pulse, and every update is the result of popular requests from the community. With these latest updates, it’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Denon DJ community. Change your rider, go Prime!

Denon DJ Prime Series

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By Adam Jones | Brand Manager

Posted on 15 May 2019 14:10 to category : Instruments News

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