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Dream Cymbals Review | Gear4music

Dream Cymbals at Gear4music
Dream Cymbals at Gear4music

Dream Cymbals offers exceptional craftmanship at outstanding prices. Find out why this up-and-coming cymbal manufacturer should be firmly on your shopping list.

By Joe Synnott | Published 07.02.20

Dream Cymbals

For drummers, by drummers. Dream Cymbals prides itself on giving players access to high-quality materials and traditional build processes at extremely reasonable prices. Whether you’re an aspiring drummer or a professional, you’ll find a fantastic range of cymbals for any occasion.

Dream Cymbals is a collaborative company, combining the expertise of Canadian instrument designers with the master craftsmanship of traditional Chinese gong smiths. Dream creates its cymbals from a family-owned gong factory in the ancient cymbal grounds of China.

Since 2005, Dream has gone from strength to strength, offering a winning combination of premium craftmanship with exceptional prices. Today, Dream Cymbals are sold worldwide and continue to grow their reputation for quality and value.  

Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that drummers may have when considering this exciting brand.

Are Dream Cymbals any good?

Dream Cymbals offers the premium quality you’d expect to find from the world’s greatest cymbals manufacturers. Each cymbal is cast from B20 alloy - considered by many professionals as the best cymbal material. Dream uses a traditional process of hand forging and hand hammering its cymbals. With this combination of B20 alloy and traditional crafting methods, Dream Cymbals offers a catalogue of products with truly professional sounds and looks.  

Are Dream Cymbals cheap?

Many manufacturers charge a lot for their B20 alloy, meaning drummers have to pay more for professional cymbals. While Dream Cymbals offer a wide range of cymbals at extremely appealing prices, they don’t skimp on materials or manufacturing methods.

Dream has created the perfect option for pro drummers or beginners seeking professional-quality B20 cymbals at an affordable price. This makes them a very attractive choice and one we’d highly recommend considering if you haven’t come across the brand before.

Where can I buy Dream Cymbals?

At Gear4music, we stock an extensive selection of Dream Cymbals as we firmly stand behind their ethos of creating professional-quality cymbals at affordable prices. Any level of drummer will benefit from this range of cymbals, letting you expand your setup without worrying about blowing your budget. Whatever style you play, or wherever you play it, there is a Dream cymbal waiting for you.

What do Dream Cymbals Sound Like?

Recently we put Dream Cymbals to the test in our studio. Dream has several cymbal series, offering a versatile range of tonalities for any drumming style. Here’s a range of cymbals we tested that you should definitely consider checking out.

Bliss series

Dream Bliss cymbals are hand forged and hand hammered for optimal sound quality, producing warm tones at low volumes and thunderous, dark tones when struck loudly.  This incredibly versatile series can be used for all musical styles and is a sure hit for newcomers to the brand. Check out the Dream 20” Bliss Series Ride we tried out recently!

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Bliss Series

Contact Series

Beautifully bright and bold tones. Dream Contact cymbals feature wide lathing, a traditionally shaped bow, and large bell. These cymbals are a little heavier than the Bliss series. We heartily recommend you check out the Dream Cymbal Contact Series 19’’ Crash/Ride in the video below - we had great fun demoing this one!

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Contact Series

Dark Matter

Released in 2010, Dream Dark Matter cymbals are raw, dark and serious. Each Dark Matter Cymbal has a stunning aesthetic - the unique finish comes from a blend of ash and soot fused with the top layer of metal. Each cymbal takes months to age and mature. This cymbal family is versatile, yet perhaps favoured for low-volume, RnB, soft-rock and Jazz styles. Watch us try out the Dream Dark Matter 20” Moon Ride and Dream Dark Matter 15” Hi-Hats in the videos below.

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Dark Matter Series


Dream Energy cymbals produce explosive sounds and are made with the same care and craftmanship as every Dream cymbal. Energy series cymbals have a longer decay, broader dynamic range, and slightly heavier weight, making them perfect for a lot of brash music styles, especially Rock, Punk and Metal. The Energy series all feature a signature raw bell, which you can see in our Dream Energy Series 18” Crash cymbal video.

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Energy Series


The Dream Cymbals Ignition Series offers a professional cymbal pack at near entry-level prices. The Ignition series is perfect for customers who want a complete cymbal pack, offering fantastic value and versatility. We have a lot of brilliant things to say about this pack, such as the free cymbal bag and clutch, but we’ll let the cymbals speak for themselves. Check out our Dream Cymbals Ignition Series 3-piece cymbal pack video below and see what you think!

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Ignition


The Dream Cymbals Pang series combines characteristics of a china, ride, and swish to create a whole new sound palette for your cymbal setup. The inverted bell, combined with the unique shape of the cymbal, creates an extremely fast crash. We tried the Dream Pang Chinese Style 20’’ and really enjoyed the sounds this cymbal had to offer - check it out below.

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Pang Series


Introducing… Dream Cymbals RE-FX, an upcycled cymbal series designed to reduce the carbon footprint of cymbal manufacturing while creating an incredibly innovative cymbal series for the experimental drummer. We had the pleasure of testing the delightful Dream Cymbals Scott Pellegrom Naughty Saucer to see what sounds we could make. Check it out in the video below.


Dream Cymbals Tri-Hat sets offer a wealth of options with three interchangeable hi-hat cymbals for the price of one, enabling numerous variations in sound. This cymbal series benefits drummers who want added value and the ability to change their hi-hat sound (take an extra clutch for swift mid-set changeups!). We had fun with this one as you can see in the video below!

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Tri-Hat Diversity Set 3 piece Hi-Hat, w/ Clutch & Bag

Shop now | Dream Tri-Hat Elements Set 3 piece Hi-Hat Set with Clutch & Bag

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Hi Hats


Dream Cymbal Stackers are two interchangeable cymbals, developed in conjunction with Dream Artist Libor Hadrava. The stack consists of a Contact Crash cymbal and corresponding Pang. These multipurpose signature stacks provide a trashy but warm and full sound; they can be utilised together or separately. We gave these cymbals a test run in the video below, see what you think!

Shop now | Dream Cymbal Libor Hadrava 10’’ Stackers

Shop now | Dream Cymbal Libor Hadrava 14’’ Stackers


Dream Cymbals also produces an array of gongs, covering a variety of tunings and manufacturing methods. These cymbals reflect the heritage of Dream’s origins from the ancient cymbal grounds of Wuhan, China.

Shop now | Dream Cymbals Gongs

Dream Cymbals – professional quality, exceptional value 

In short, Dream Cymbals is a brand well worth your consideration; they produce some of the best cymbals on the market today. Pulling no punches when it comes to added value, this brand is destined to become a regular name-drop from collectors and aficionados alike. At Gear4music, all Dream Cymbals can be purchased with a two-year warranty included as standard.

Shop now | Dream Cymbals at Gear4music

See more | All cymbals at Gear4music – hi-hats, crash, ride, cymbal packages, and more.

Posted on 7 Feb 2020 13:48 to category : Instruments News

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