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NEW | SubZero Generation PRO Series. 6/7/8-String Guitars, Honed for High-Performance

SubZero Generation PRO Guitars
SubZero Generation PRO Guitars

SubZero’s Generation PRO takes the Generation Series to the next level with high-end appointments at an exceptional price.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 31.01.20

SubZero Generation PRO Series Electric Guitars

New for 2020, SubZero has unveiled the Generation Pro Series of electric guitars. Building on the strengths of the SubZero Generation family, these new instruments are honed for contemporary metal and technical players, delivering high-end specifications usually found on guitars from a much higher price bracket.

With premium features including stainless steel frets, locking tuners, compound radius fingerboards, luminlay side dots, neck-thru/all access neck heels, burl tops, and fan-fret designs; the SubZero Generation Pro series has everything we’ve come to expect from the new breed of high-performance guitars.

And while you might expect this level of performance to come with a justifiably premium price tag, we are excited (and frankly astonished) to reveal that this new series starts from just £249.99.

SubZero has created a very attractive proposition with the Generation Pro series, and we expect it to be extremely appealing to the modern generation of technical players.  

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Check out the Gear4music demo videos below of the SubZero Generation Pro Series.

SubZero Generation Pro 6-String

SubZero Generation Pro Fan Fret 7-String

SubZero Generation Pro Fan Fret 8-String

SubZero Generation Pro | 6-String

SubZero Generation Pro 6 String Electric Guitar Front
SubZero Generation Pro FR 6 String Electric Guitar Front

The SubZero Generation Pro 6-string is honed for shredding, with a blend of stunning aesthetics and performance-enhancing specifications.

The guitar features 24 extra-jumbo stainless-steel frets mounted on a sleek neck with a compound-radius fingerboard. The slim 5-piece mahogany/walnut neck is crafted straight through the body of the guitar, promising smooth playability and effortless access to the very top of the neck.

SubZero Generation Pro 6 String Electric Guitar Back

The neck-thru construction also lends a boutique-style aesthetic, courtesy of the guitar’s natural back and sides which reveal the stunning sandwich of tonewoods. The boutique vibe is made even more apparent with an eye-catching burl top.

Other premium features include an ash body, locking tuners for rock-solid tuning, luminlay glow-in-the-dark side dots, graphite nut, dual humbuckers, and 3-way pickup switching with push-pull functionality for additional single-coil tones.

SubZero Generation Pro FR 6 String Electric Guitar Side

With a thoughtful design and fully loaded spec, these instruments look set to meet the needs of discerning players who require effortless playability, versatile tones, and rock-solid performance.

The SubZero Generation Pro 6-string is available as a hardtail or with a Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo.

Shop now | SubZero Generation Pro, Black Ice Burst

Shop now | SubZero Generation Pro-FR, Glacier Burst

SubZero Generation Pro | 7-string and 8-string

SubZero Generation Pro 7 String Electric Guitar Front
SubZero Generation Pro 8 String Electric Guitar Front

The 7- and 8-string SubZero Generation Pro guitars are contemporary instruments built for extended-range players. Fan-fret necks promise the optimal balance of string tensions across a wide range of tunings; especially important when you factor in the huge pitch variance from an 8-string guitar.

Like their 6-string counterparts, these multiscale guitars are built for speed with 24 extra-jumbo stainless-steel frets, a sleek C-shape neck, and a compound-radius fingerboard. The only difference lies in the multiscale’s bolt-on construction, which SubZero has enhanced with an Ultra-Access cutaway for effortless top-fret access.

SubZero Generation Pro 8 String Electric Guitar Back

Despite their differences in construction, the multiscale models maintain a boutique vibe with their eye-catching burl tops and 5-piece maple/walnut necks.

These guitars are also constructed with ash bodies, twin humbuckers, 3-way pickup selectors, push-pull switching for additional single-coil tones, graphite nuts, luminlay side dots, and locking tuners.

SubZero Generation Pro 7 String Electric Guitar Side

With their combination of high-performance playing specifications, boutique stylings, and multi-scale necks, the 7- and 8-string Generation Pro guitars are perfect for modern technical playing in extended tunings.

Shop now | SubZero Generation Pro Fanned Fret 7-String, Ocean Fade

Shop now | SubZero Generation Pro Fanned Fret 8-String, Grey Tide Fade

Posted on 31 Jan 2020 16:00 to category : Instruments News

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