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SUMMER NAMM 2019 - New Guitars for 2019

Summer NAMM 2019 Guitars
Summer NAMM 2019 Guitars
Summer NAMM 2019 Guitars

Summer NAMM 2019 is one of the music industry's biggest annual tradeshows. Every year promises a raft of exciting new products, so read on to find out about the new guitars of 2019.

NAMM means new music gear. New guitars. New innovations. New technology. And more importantly, new additions to our wish list!

Here’s an overview of the newest gear coming in 2019.

But wait – what is NAMM?

For those who don’t know, the NAMM show is where manufacturers bring their new products and best ideas for the year ahead. Winter NAMM takes place in January at Anaheim, California, while Summer NAMM is running from July 18-19 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Summer NAMM – Gibson

Gibson has announced its Authorized Partnership Program, allowing luthiers to apply for a licence to use Gibson trademarks. We’ll be expecting to see a lot of collaborative work in the future!

Gibson already released a huge collection of guitars for 2019. These guitars went back to Gibson’s roots, and recreated the classic designs we know and love.

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Summer NAMM – Line 6

Line 6 has unveiled the second generation of the Spider V family. This iconic range of practice and performance amplifiers now features a Classic Speaker Mode, giving you the option of making the built-in FRFR speaker respond like a traditional guitar speaker. Now you can choose between FRFR for pristine modelling and music playback, or Classic Speaker Mode for the real sound and response of a standard speaker cab.

Line 6 has also added new Vintage Amp presets. These sounds have been created by a “renowned tube-amp designer” and promise the sound and feel of a real tube amp.

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Summer NAMM - VOX

Vox has announced the Mini Superbeetle for bass! The MSB50 Mini Superbeetle Bass borrows the same nu-tube technology and effortless good looks of the Mini Superbeetle, making this fantastic amp available for bassists too. A new bass-reflex structure and built-in compressor, EQ & Fuzz ensures that this amp is perfectly optimised for the bass guitar.

Vox has also released the SDC-1: a cool travel guitar that feels and sounds just like a full-size instrument!  This compact guitar has a short 18.9” scale length and is perfect for new players and travelling musicians alike.

Shop Now | Vox MSB50 Mini Superbeetle Bass

Summer NAMM – Fender

Fender’s Summer NAMM collection includes, guitars, pedals, and an exciting new solid-state amp.

Fender has released six new dual effects pedals! Fender’s most recent pedals have a real boutique look to them and sounds to match. This year Fender has announced The Trapper Dual Fuzz, Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb, MTG:LA Tube Distortion, Pour Over Envelope Filter, Smoulder Acoustic Overdrive, and the Compugilist Compressor/Distortion. This family of pedals continues to grow from strength to strength.

Fender has expanded its hugely acclaimed Acoustasonic Telecaster with three new Exotic wood models (Acoustasonic Telecaster Cocobolo, Acoustasonic Telecaster Ziricote, Acoustasonic Telecaster Koa). Another exciting new guitar is the Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster in Aztec Gold.

In the amp arena, Fender has just released the exciting new Deluxe and Twin Reverb. But what’s new about that? Well, these two models are the ‘Tonemaster’ variants, and there’s not a tube in sight. The Tonemaster Twin Reverb and Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb recreate the sounds of Fender’s most iconic amps with neodymium speakers and modelling circuitry. The result? Superb Fender tones and a super lightweight design. Gigging guitarists with a penchant for traditional tones can now have their cake and eat it too.

Fender has also expanded the Champion family with the powerful Champion 100XL 2x12 combo. 16 amplifier tones and 4 stompbox effect sounds make it ideal for gigging players.

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Summer NAMM 2019 - Squier

Squier’s most premium line of guitars – the Classic Vibe family – was completely revamped for Winter NAMM 2019. Squier has announced even more new models for Summer NAMM in a wide range of finishes.

Squier has also introduced the distinct stylings of the Starcaster into a wide range of series - Affinity, the Contemporary Active, Affinity, and Classic Vibe. You can now get this stand-out guitar, no matter what your preference on playing specification.

Shop Now | Squier Classsic Vibe

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Summer NAMM 2019 – Charvel

Charvel has updated its super popular new DK24 family with new maple neck models in a wider range of colours. These instruments are ideal for the modern breed of player who wants classic good looks with uncompromised playability.

Charvel has also released a new Super-Stock Model 2 with eye-catching Skull & Bones design, as well as a Super-Stock Pro Mod So-Cal in Black Relic finish.

Shop Now | Charvel Pro Mod DK24

Summer NAMM 2019 – Taylor

In a nutshell, the keyword for Taylor is walnut. Check out the new range of 100-series Taylor acoustic guitars with a walnut top! They each feature a stunning Satin Sunburst finish, and prove that even an affordable Taylor guitar looks fantastic.

Shop Now | Taylor 100 Series

Summer NAMM 2019 – EVH

EVH has launched the new 5150 Parabellum series guitars for Summer NAMM 2019. These guitars are the epitome of super-strat, and they take us straight back to the ‘80s with their dual humbuckers, ‘D-Tuna’-equipped Floyd Rose bridge, and instantly-recognisable headstock. Despite their ‘80s aesthetic, these guitars feature a modern compound radius fingerboard, hand-rubbed urethane back finish, and heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel.

Also new for 2019 is the 2019 EVH Limited Edition Wolfgang Special Ash with a classy natural finish, quartersawn maple neck, 12”-16” compound-radius ebony fingerboard, EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbuckers and Floyd Rose with EVH D-Tuna.

EVH has also released the highly affordable 2019 EVH Wolfgang Standard in an expensive-looking Gold Top finish. Even at this end of the price spectrum, EVH still gives you a maple neck, compound radius fingerboard, and EVH-branded Floyd Rose Special bridge. Rock on.

EVH’s 5150 head is now available in combo form, loaded with EL34 valves for a raw British rock sound. The EVH 5150 III 50W combo has 3 channels for versatile rock performance. Channels 1 and 2 feature shared EQ, while channel 3 has an independent gain control, volume, and EQ.

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Summer NAMM 2019 – Gretsch

Gretsch has just released five new 2019 Electromatic guitars. This popular guitar family offers superb bang for the buck, and Gretsch continues to broaden the range of models available. New for 2019 is the G5622T Centre Block in a wide range of colours, featuring new pickups (Back Top Broad’Tron humbuckers), a lower set maple neck, and a double-cutaway body.

Gretsch has also released the G5232T Double Jet with Bigsby, providing "essential Jet power and fidelity at a great price".

Higher up the family is a wide range of G6120T Brian Setzer signature guitars, offering classic Nashville tone for the most discerning players.

Shop Now | Gretsch Electromatic

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 18 Jul 2019 13:52 to category : Instruments News

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