DISC Vox Soundbox Mini Multipurpose Amplifier and Portable Speaker

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  • Ideal For Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Mics Or Portable Audio Amping
  • Features KORG's Unique Acoustage Technology For Wide Sound
  • Capable Of Simultaneous Instrument, Mic & AUX Use
  • Built-In Tuner & Effects For Added Versatility
  • Powered By 12V AC Adapter Or 6 x AA Batteries

DISC Vox Soundbox Mini Multipurpose Amplifier and Portable Speaker

The Vox Soundbox Mini Multipurpose Amplifier and Portable Speaker brings VOX's proprietary sound technology that exists in their legendary guitar amps, to a lightweight and compact platform. Easily usable as a portable music system, the Soundbox Mini comprises of an aluminium body that exudes a sense of quality whilst proudly wearing a new VOX logo. The portability of this multipurpose speaker system is further enhanced by the capability to be powered by six AA batteries for up to seven hours. The VOX Soundbox Mini is ideal both indoors and outdoors as a guitar, bass or keyboard amp, or as a portable amplifier and speaker system for your microphone or audio player.

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Acoustage Technology

KORG's revolutionary virtual surround technology creates a unique and personal acoustic space for listeners. Using just front facing stereo speakers, it can generate an unprecedented and unique three-dimensional acoustic experience like no other. The Soundbox Mini hosts a WIDE switch for enabling the feature, which analyzes the playback system and applies appropriate optimizations to achieve the maximum effect. Acoustage works with any sound source you connect to the Soundbox Mini.

Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Instruments

The VOX Soundbox Mini is the ideal solution for amplifying you guitar, bass, keyboard or microphone absolutely anywhere. The amp input section gives you a choice of 11 amp types to provide you with a clean sound for electric guitar, hard rock amp styles, modeling amps for bass or acoustic guitars, and even a selection of amps with a flat response, ideal for keyboard input or other audio devices.

Built-In Effects

Achieve a great sound no matter where you are. The Soundbox Mini features four high quality effects which consist of a compressor, chorus, flanger and tremolo. On top these, there are four types of delay/reverb effects for adding space and atmosphere to your tone. A TAP switch allows you to manually input the delay tempo. Combine these with the unique Acoustage technology, and you'll be surrounded by incredible sounds.

Simultaneous Use Of Instrument, Mic & Audio Player

The Soundbox Mini allows you to use the instrument input, along with an AUX input and a MIC input all at the same time. While listening to music played back from your portable audio player, you can connect a mic plus your guitar, keyboard, or other instrument, and hear all of your sound through this single unit. The MIC jack input provides a dedicated knob for adjusting the amount sent to the delay/reverb effect, so you'll be able to get the perfect sound.

Built-In Tuner

A tuner ('E' note only) is built-in to the Soundbox Mini, so whatever instrument you have connected, you can be sure that you're able to keep it in tune.

Mic-Stand Mountable

The Soundbox Mini features a handy mounting hole on the bottom allowing you to mount it to a microphone stand, making it ideal for situations such as presentations or storefront events.


  • Legendary VOX guitar amp technology housed in a unique compact body
  • Utilising KORG's 'Acoustage' technology, the Soundbox Mini is capable of truly expansive sound
  • Supports a variety of instruments including guitar, bass and keyboard
  • Built-in effects allow you to achieve an enormous array of tones with nothing more than your guitar and the Soundbox Mini
  • Instrument, mic and portable audio player can be used simultaneously
  • Center Cancel function provided on the AUX IN input
  • Can be powered for up to seven hours using six AA batteries, or via an AC adapter
  • Built in tuner
  • Mounting hole on the bottom of the Soundbox Mini allowing installation on a mic stand


  • Amp Models: 11 types (Bass x 2, Guitar x 4, Acoustic x 2, Keyboard x 3)
  • Effects: 8 types (Compressor, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, 4 x Delay/Reverb)
  • Tuner Detection Range: E1–E6 (41.2 Hz – 1318.5 Hz)
  • Audio Inputs: GUITAR (L/MONO), R, MIC, AUX IN (mini jack)
  • Audio Output: Headphones (mini jack)
  • Amp Output: Maximum 2.5 W x 2
  • Speaker: 4 inch - 8 Ohm x 2
  • Signal Processing: A/D conversion: 24-bit D/A conversion: 24-bit
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter (included), Six AA-size alkaline batteries or nickel hydride batteries
  • Battery Life: Maximum approx. 7 hours
  • Current Consumption: 260 mA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 281mm x 115mm x 181 mm / 11.06'' x 4.53'' x 7.13''
  • Weight: 2.4 kg / 5.29 lbs. (Excluding batteries)
  • Accessories: AC adapter (DC 12V)
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