DISC Vox Soundbox Mini Multipurpose Amplifier and Portable Speaker

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  • Instrument Amp Plus Portable Speaker
  • Built In Effects
  • Battery or Adapter Powered
  • Tuner Built In
  • Play Along With Your Favourite Tracks

DISC Vox Soundbox Mini Multipurpose Amplifier and Portable Speaker


The VOX Soundbox mini is a mobile multipurpose amplifier ideal as a portable instrument amp and as a portable music speaker system for keyboards, mics and audio players. Extremely compact and lightweight plus battery operation mean it's easy to take with you when on the go.

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Acoustage Technology

The Vox Soundbox mini is a small amp but it has a Wide switch that activates Korg's Acoustage technology enabling the two adjacently placed speakers to project an expansive sound field as if coming from two separate speakers.

Supports Variety of Instruments

The amo input section supports a variety of instruments and gives you a choice of 11 amp types. From a clean sound for electric guitar, amps suitable for hard rock, modelling amps for bass or acoustic guitar, as well as amps with a flat response for keyboard input or audio devices, you can choose from a wide range of settings to meet the needs of any situation.

Built In Effects

In addition to amp modelling, the Vox Soundbox mini gives you four quality effects - compressor, chorus, flanger and tremelo. Use the Tap switch to easily set the delay time.

Instrument, Mic and Audio Player Together

As well as supporting instruments the Soundbox mini also supports a wide variety of inputs including AUX IN and MIC jack, which can be used simultaneously. Play along with your favourite tracks and use the dedicated knob to adjust the amount sent to the delay/reverb effect. The Center Cancel effect can even minimise the volume of the vocal or solo part in a music source so you can fill in the gaps as a practice or creative exercise.

Extra Handy Features

The Vox Soundbox mini looks almost like an old cassette player! It has an aluminium die cast body that weighs a mere 2.4kg and can be easily operated on an AC adaptor or six AA batteries. A tuner (e only) is built in so you can easily tune your instrument when out and about plus the bottom panel has a mounting hole included allowing you to mount the unit on a mic stand for presentations or events.


  • Proprietary sound technology fostered with VOX's guitar amps, now packed into a compact body.
  • Expansive sound using KORG "Acoustage" technology.
  • Amp input section supports a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and keyboard.
  • Built-in effects, so you can simply connect your guitar and enjoy playing great sounds.
  • Instrument, mic, and portable audio player can be used simultaneously.
  • Center Cancel function provided on the AUX IN input.
  • In addition to AC adapter operation, the unit can be powered for approximately seven hours using six AA batteries.
  • Tuner function is built in, letting you tune a guitar or other instrument connected to the GUITAR jack.
  • The mounting hole on the bottom of the unit allows it to be installed on a mic stand.
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