Radial McBoost Microphone Signal Booster

  • Boosts Low Output Microphones Such As Ribbon Mics
  • Dual FET Class-A Circuitry
  • Provides Up To 25dB Of Controllable Boost
  • 3-Position Impedance Selector
  • All-Steel Construction

Radial McBoost Microphone Signal Booster

The Radial McBoost Microphone Signal Booster is designed to boost low output microphones, providing the extra boost needed to perform better with mixing consoles. The all-steel construction houses hand matches transistors and a dual FET Class-A circuit for maximum audio quality. The unit delivers up to 25 dB of boost via the variable front-panel level control. Additionally the McBoost features standard 48V Phantom Power for powering a range of microphones.

Product Ref: 71932

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Class-A Signal Booster

The 100% discrete design of the McBoost makes it one of the best in its class, featuring a class-A circuit for optimal audio quality and minimal distortion. The McBoost was designed to elivate the signal level of a low output microphone so it performs better within a mixing console. All you have to do is connect the McBoost between the mic and preamp and you're good to go. The McBoost is also highy durable thanks to Radial's trademark all-steel construction, featuring book ends that protect the switches and controls.

Premium-Quality Components

As well as the class-A circuitry, the McBoost also features a slew of components and design aspects that result in a high-performance signal boosting unit. The internal section of the unit features hand matched transistors for exceptional performance from the dual FET class-a circuit. This produces up to 25dB of boost which can be changed via the front-panel level control. There is also a 3-position high-pass filter that eliminates excessive rumble and proximity build-ups. Additionally the McBoost features a impedance selector that has 3 settings to provide optimal lod on the microphone for increased accuracy.


  • Boosts low-output microphones for use with mixing consoles
  • Dual FET class-a circuit
  • Provides up to 25 dB of controllable boost
  • Powered by standard 48V Phantom Power
  • 3-position high-pass filter
  • 3-position impedance selector
  • Connections by standard XLRs
  • Perfect for ribbon microphones
  • Highly-durable all-steel construction
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