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With a wide range of Studio Monitor Speakers from manufacturers such as Adam, Genelec, Mackie, M-Audio, Alesis and Quested, we have a superb collection from some of the leading brands in studio speaker technology. Studio monitors tend to be more robust than Hi-fi speakers as they need to deal with untreated sources, sudden spikes in volume and other high-pressure sounds.

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About Studio Monitors

Studio monitor speakers are essential when mixing audio to a professional standard. They give a flat response and are designed to output an unbiased sound, so that the user can mix accurately and true to the recorded material.

Nearfield monitors, such as the M-Audio BX5’s, are typically of lower power and are designed to be used in close-proximity. A subwoofer is sometimes used in combination with Nearfield speakers, to compensate for the lack of low frequency found on smaller models.

Studio Monitor News

Musikmesse 2013: Yamaha Introduce New HS Studio Monitor Range

Yamaha have launched the new HS range of nearfield studio monitors - HS5, HS7 and HS8, plus the HS8S subwoofer.... More »

Musikmesse 2013: Genelec Go Green with Intelligent Power Management Technology

Genelec have announced the new M-Series Monitors and their plans for a sustainable future.... More »

NAMM 2013: M-Audio Launches New USB/MIDI Interfaces and Monitors

M-Audio has launched at NAMM a host of new USB/MIDI Interfaces. The M-Track, M-Track Plus and the M-Track Quad and the M3-8 Studio Monitor.... More »