Zildjian was started in the seventeenth century by an alchemist in Constantinople. While attempting to create gold, Avedis Zildjian discovered an alloy of copper, tin and traces of silver with unique sound qualities. This secret alloy then led to the creation of Zildjian cymbals. View All Information

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Avedis Zildjian was an Armanian alchemist from Constantinople in the seventeenth century. Avedis used his skills as an alchemist to create cymbals with spectacular clarity and power. From the beginning, the leaders of Zildjian have stayed close to the working musicians in order to understand their experience and needs.

With this insight Zildjian have managed to design and manufacturer innovative and extraordinarily sounding cymbals such as their renowned A-Custom cymbals, maintaining Zildjians position as the world leader in cymbal manufacturer.

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