Radial JDX Direct Drive Amp Emulator And DI Box

  • Guitar Amplifier Tone Emulator
  • Doubles Up As Direct Box
  • Features Three Popular Tone Settings
  • Presence Switch Adds Extra Sparkle
  • Ground Lift Switch Eliminates Hum And Buzz

Radial JDX Direct Drive Amp Emulator And DI Box

The Radial JDX Direct Drive Amp Emulator And DI Box is a compact and highly-durable guitar amplifier emulation unit that doubles up as a direct box. Featuring a 1/4'' input for guitars and a passive thru-put for feeding stage amps, the JDX elimnates the need for excess equipment. Implementing the JDX direct-drive unit on to a pedal board results in eliminating the need for a guitar amp. The guitar signal is passed through a series of filters, resulting in the classic JDX tone.

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Guitar Amp Simulator

The Radial JDX is a compact and unique unit that is designed simulate the sound of a guitar amplifier as well as being a direct box. Its guitar simulation functionality means you wont have to carry an amp the your performance if you have the JDX. The guitar signal is passed though a series of filters which culminates into Radial's signature JDX tone. The tone is modeled from the sound of an Shure SM57 placed in front of a Marshall 4-12 cabinet., this results in a classic, rich guitar tone that can be calibrated to bring out a range of sounds. Additionally, the JDX features tow more emulation settings including a Marshall tube head setting and a Fender Twin combo setting. The two tone amps can be edited and crafted further by the present switch to add extra sparkle.

Versatile Yet Powerful Design

As well as the guitar tone simulation functions, the JDX also features a range of design aspects that result in added versatility. The direct box output features a 180 degree polarity reverse switch that aids phase-alignment between the monitors and stage amp. Additionally the JDX features a ground lift switch which helps to eliminate any hum and buzz caused by ground loops. The amp tone signal is process through the JDX via the 1/4'' guitar level output or a balanced XLR that feeds a PA. The JDX is also highly-durable thanks to its 14-gauge steel construction that helps prevent damage to the internal components and reduces any external noise that could become apparent from external magnetic fields.


  • Emulates different guitar tones
  • Doubles up as a direct box
  • Standard 1/4'' jack input for connecting your guitar
  • Features three guitar tone settings emulating popular guitar amps
  • Highly-durable 14-gauge steel construction
  • Ground lift switch prevents hum and buzz from ground loops
  • 180 degree reverse polarity switch for phase alignment
  • Present switch adds extra sparkle to tones
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