Korg Volca

The Korg Volca series reintroduces classic analog sounds from vintage drum machines, bass synths, and pattern-based step sequencers into three distinctive machines. The Volca Keys is a three note true analog synth with a filter section that uses the same circuitry of the now legendary MiniKorg 700S. The Volca Bass Machine benefits from three analog oscillators that allow you to add huge, thick bass lines to your music, whilst the Volca Beats makes it simple to add some rhythm to your track with its built in 16-step sequencer.

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Korg Volca Series

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Korg Volca

Korg Volcas really are a major game changer for many modern musicians, taking the idea of 'affordable effectiveness' to the next level. Korg know that we all love our software synths and drum machine plug-ins but not all of us have that much money to spend. The Korg Volcas give musicians a real and affordable alternative - the power of analog synthesis and hands on control.

Volca Beats offers up to six different drum sounds that are tweakable and can be easily dropped into a pattern. The lows on the Volca Beats combined with other elements including the stutter function will definitely leave you wanting more.

Volca Bass is a fun and versatile synth allowing you to set a bass sequence as well as an acid style sequence at the same time giving you both low and high end in one affordable box.

Volca Keys is a playable and sequenceable synth with a built in delay. Really tweakable and with a host of features including five different voicing functions, built in automation, step sequencing and a great delay, the Korg Volca Keys can be easily integrated into any setup.

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