Gretsch Shell Set Renown Walnut, Gloss Natural

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  • North American Premium Walnut and Maple Woods
  • Deep Punch With A Clear Attack
  • Remo USA Drum Heads
  • Die-Cast Hoops for A Focused, Projecting Sound
  • Classic, Stylish Gretsch Appearence

Gretsch Shell Set Renown Walnut, Gloss Natural

The Gretsch 4 Piece Renown Walnut Shell Set features everything classy about a drum kit. The die-cast hoops gives the toms room to project their natural sound, whilst still remaining focused. The walnut shells give a depth to the kit’s sound, which is balanced by the maple’s natural warmth. New mounting hardware and a non-drilled bass drum give the kit a sleek look, and improved stability. The large amount of attack and projection means this kit is the perfect companion to live use, as well as having the quality to sound great in the studio too. The Renown comes in a gloss natural finish, giving endless detail to the wood’s characteristics.

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The Gretsch Renown’s premium walnut shells deliver explosive sounds around the drum kit that have a super deep punch and lower fundamental pitch. The maple complements the walnut by producing a warmth, giving each beat a depth alongside the clear attack. Each Renown Walnut drum features 6-ply North American walnut shells (walnut/maple/walnut), with 30-degree bearing edges. Drums are finished with chrome hardware including die-cast tom and snare hoops, for a classic Gretsch look and feel.

The kit includes two tom clamps, non-drilled bass drum, hinged brackets, and ultra-low profile tom suspension system. Toms come with Remo clear Emperors, batter side, and Gretsch by Remo clear Ambassadors resonant side. The bass drum batter side is shipped with Remo clear Powerstroke 3 and Gretsch coated white heads with muffle ring resonant side The Renown Walnut will give another sonic dimension to your drum playing, and the premium North American wood confirms that this is a drum kit to last a lifetime.


  • Weight: 30KG
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 90 cm
  • Drum Set Type: Rock/ Fusion
  • Bass Drum Size: 22’’
  • Small Tom Size: 10’’
  • Small Tom Depth: 7’’
  • Middle Tom Size: 12’’
  • Middle Tom Depth: 8’’
  • Floor Tom Size: 16’’
  • Floor Tom Depth: 14’’
  • Wood: Maple/ Walnut
  • Drumhead Brand: Remo
  • Finish: Gloss Natural