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Roland Guitar Amps made their mark on the guitar world with the introduction of the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amp in 1975, shaping the guitar sounds of countless records. Roland is a company that loves to innovate, especially when it comes to guitar amplifiers and other guitar products. View All Information

Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amps

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Roland Cube Guitar Amps

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About Roland Guitar Amps

Stepping up to the Cube 20x and above, the Cubes provide enough power for gigging as well as other stellar features that include onboard effects and amp modeling.

The Roland family of brands also consists of BOSS, famous for their effects pedals and Cakewalk who manufacture guitarist interfaces.

Being one of Roland’s top UK dealers, supplies all the best Roland, BOSS and Cakewalk products around, at low prices.

Our in-store Roland specialist is available to help, providing information and advice about the whole Roland range. To contact them please call 0843 155 0500.

Roland Guitar Amp News

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