A powerful tool for your music. Synthesizers make all kinds of sounds from electronic and unimaginable to even mimicking traditional instruments. Each synth is unique, offering exclusive features such as custom presets and sound manipulation controls. What's more, you'll get two-years warranty with every new purchase at Gear4music.

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Synths fall in to many categories. Workstations and arrangers are capable of allowing a musician to create an original, finished piece of music. Workstations build tracks up in a linear way using a sequencer and so do some arrangers, but they also use intros, fills, variations and endings to build the piece in different parts. Workstations feature onboard arpeggios and loops, while arrangers have onboard styles. The latter type of pro keyboard is preferred by many musicians for playing live, but this does not necessarily mean it is always the best option.

Workstations are often viewed as being the best for original music performance, with a larger palette for creating sounds, easy programming and the ability to use commercial MIDI files for covering songs. Pre-prepared MIDI files can also enable musicians to create a full band effect when playing.

Meanwhile, arrangers are looked on as highly professional instruments, with some people considering them to be the equivalent of a band in a box. The style function assists those struggling with time constraints to get results quickly, while the instruments are designed to sound as if they are being played in the live environment. Arrangers can also act as learning tools, exposing and giving insight into different genres of music.

Synth News

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