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Award winning, Australian brand Rode have been around since 1967 and are now one of the world’s premier microphone manufacturers. They are committed to providing musicians with mics that represent the ultimate in value, performance and user-satisfaction. View All Information

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About Rode Mics

Rode mics are renowned for their quality and usability. With a wide range of mics for stage, studio and out in the field, Rode are the choice of musicians, podcasters, presenters and film-makers the world over.

Rode also have a huge number of mic accessories allowing you to customise your chosen mic for specific conditions or environments. Well known for their unique names, they include the Rode Dead Mouse and Dead Cat wind covers!

Rode's newest microphones specialise in compatibility with iOS products. The iXY is a stereo mic for iPhone and iPad giving rich, smooth and accurate audio straight to your smartphone or tablet. The Rode SmartLav is a lavalier mic which is also compatible with iOS, ideal for discreet, professional recording.

Rode News

Rode Microphones- TFM-50, NT49, NT-RV, NT-5 and VideoMic Pro Announced

Last week at their 50th anniversary celebrations, Rode announced that they were releasing 6 brand new products, each engineered with specific audio recording purpose.... More »

Rode Announce Another New Product Release

Rode announce more details upon the hotly anticipated follow up to to the HS1-the HS2 headset.... More »

Rode Announce Details On New Stereo Video Mic and Accessories

Rode lift the lid on their new products: The Stereovideo Mic, SM3-R, SM4, PG2-R, and PG2-R Pro Cable.... More »