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Vox Guitar Amps are what Vox are most notably known for. The AC30 and AC15 gained huge popularity in the mid-sixties when they became highly popular within the British Rock scene. Before long, bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Kinks began using the Vox amps, favouring the 'Top Boost' circuitry that defined the movement's sound. View All Information

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Vox Guitar Amps

The Vox Valvetronix series fuse the power and flexibility of digital solid-state amp modeling, with the character and response of a valve amp by utilising a 12AX7 vacuum tube at the output stage. The Valvetronix amps are extremely versatile and will cater for almost any guitarist - regardless of their style or ability. The series consists of the VT15, VT30, VT50 and the VT100 which span from 15-Watts to a massive 100-Watts of power.

The VR Valve Reactor amplifiers adopt all the best features of modern amplifiers and mix them with the best features of vintage amplifiers. Using the proven and popular VR circuitry, the Valve Reactor series can achieve almost any tone from the cleanest of clean, to the dirtiest of dirty. Vintage styling gives both the AC15VR and the AC30VR that timeless Vox look.

The AC Custom series was first introduced in 1958 and is one of history's most revered guitar amp ranges - predominantly famous for the sound that sparked the 'British Invasion' of rock music. Drawing on over 50 years of expertise, the AC15C1 Custom 1x12" has been the choice for countless guitar players throughout history thanks to its unique sound and features such as the 'Top Boost' circuitry. The AC30C2 Custom 2x12" gives players double the output volume and features an effects loop. Unlike the AC30C2, the AC30C2X Custom 2x12" features a pair of Celestion Alnico Blue speakers.