SJC Drums Club 22" 3 Piece Shell Pack, Custom Teal Stain

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  • Custom Teal Stain and Enlarged Sizes
  • Proudly Handmade in Massachusetts, USA
  • 100 Percent American Maple Shells for Versatile, Resonant Tone
  • SJC 45 Degree Bearing Edge Allows Increased Sustain and Attack
  • SJC Shield Lugs Offer Better Tuning Stability and Adjustability

SJC Drums Club 22" 3 Piece Shell Pack, Custom Teal Stain

The SJC Custom Drums Club 22" 3 Piece Shell Pack, Custom Teal Stain Shell Pack is the result of Gear4music asking SJC to create something special. We took SJC's stunning Club Series shell pack and asked for a knockout custom colour and larger shell sizes to offer the high quality and vintage style of the Club Series in a unique configuration. The SJC Club Series has been handmade in the USA by SJC's master craftsmen, with no compromises. Building on SJC's legacy of manufacturing dynamic and versatile drums, the Club shell pack lends itself to a number of different styles, adding a smooth low end punch and even tone to a well balanced and lively sound.

Please note: When you buy an SJC drum kit from Gear4music you will make substantial savings against the cost of direct shipping from the USA, and EU import duty charges. For more information please contact us

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Full Description

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The Kit

The Club Series Drum Kit combines modern versatility and practicality with a classic vintage style. The maple shells paired with the compact sizing of the kit make for an energetic and lively sound with slightly boosted lows and smooth highs and mids. Hand cut SJC 45 degree bearing edges ensure that the shells resonate and consistently stay in tune making the kit exceptionally reliable. They also allow the shells to produce more sustain with an added brightness and attack.


The featured SJC Shield Lugs offer consistent tuning stability and adjustability. Designed without springs, they make the kit ideal for studio recording as they produce minimal noise interference.

The kit's Custom Teal Stain finish and chrome hardware give a stylish modern look, whilst maintaining a vintage edge. Natural Satin stained hoops for the 8 ply maple bass drum increase focus and soften attack whereas 2.3mm triple flanged steel for the 6 ply maple tom hoops encourage open and long sustain. The SJC custom 3 piece pack includes a Banana Rail Rack Tom mount, making adjustment and movement easy and practical. SJC branded brackets for floor tom legs and hanging mounts are sized for 10.5mm legs and are lower profile to reduce the mass added to the drums.


The distinctive SJC badge is located on the front of the kick and resonant head, proudly marking the kit as one of high quality manufacturing and craftsmanship. Built in Massachusetts by the very same craftspeople who create the innovative custom kits, the SJC Club keeps the working musician and ambitious student in mind, maintaining a grounded affordability that enables drummers to play high quality instruments at an incredible price.

About SJC Drums

With humble beginnings in Mike and Scott Ciprari's (SJC) Grandmother's basement, SJC has since developed into one of the world's leading drum manufacturers and suppliers. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, SJC has always focused on making the drummer the focal point of any performance.

As the they got better at building, the brothers thought it a good idea to get some of their friends to play their kits and start to spread the word. Bands such as A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere were some of the few endorsements from the brothers. SJC's turning point came when the musical sensation 'Panic! At the Disco' played the MTV music awards in 2006. This pivotal moment enabled the brand to branch out and endorse a variety of bigger and more diverse bands like Hawthorne Heights, Aiden and Cobra Starship. Expanding their already impressive artist roster, SJC began to reach unprecedented heights and managed to move out of their grandmother's basement and into a warehouse, enabling them to introduce a small number of new dedicated staff.

Embracing the game of innovation, SJC has consistently created drums that produce high quality tone and a distinct character, often to the exact specification of high profile artists. In the last two years SJC has signed drummers Branden Steineckert (Rancid), Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory), Zach Lind (Jimmy Eat World) and Tre Cool (Green Day). With all these world renowned artists previously being endorsed by huge international companies, it speaks volumes of SJC for their desire to switch to a custom company.

With a virtually endless list of custom options, SJC prioritises the drummer's specific requirements whilst never compromising their classic and unique sound. With an ever expanding list of big names upon their roster, SJC has been a consistent choice for many renowned drummers the world over, emphasising their commitment to both quality and sound.


"I've played on literally every brand of US drums out there, and I've finally found my home. I've been looking from drums like these my whole life. True American hot rod custom kits. From the look and sound to the service and attention, it's good to now be part of the SJC family." Tré Cool - Green Day

"I have no clue how I just barely started playing these drums, they sound incredible! Not sure what rock i was living under. I can't express how proud I am to now be part of SJC and get to play these amazing drums every night." Dave Joyal

"Me being real and honest: I am so proud to play SJC Drums. They have treated me so well since I started playing them 5 years ago. Thank you!" Rian Dawson- All Time Low

"The 12" rack tom shows itself to be equally as adaptable as its larger counterpart, sitting right down into real tub-thumping territory, then singing away beautifully in higher registers." "The tour series ticks all the right boxes, offering a highly usable kit across a wide cross-section of genres." Rhythm Magazine


  • 100 Percent American Maple Shells
  • SJC Shield Lugs
  • Banana Rail Rack Tom Mount
  • SJC 45 Degree Bearing Edges
  • SJC Branded Brackets
  • Natural Satin Stain Bass Drum Hoops
  • Custom Teal Satin Stain Finish
  • Chrome Hardware
  • 6-ply Maple Toms, 8-ply Maple Bass Drum
  • 2.3mm Metal Tom Hoops


  • Kick: 8 Ply 22" x 16"
  • Rack Tom: 6 Ply 12" x 8"
  • Floor Tom: 6 Ply 16" x 14"