SJC Drums Custom 14 x 7 Snare Drum, Salmon Floral Wrap

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  • Unique Custom One Off Snare
  • Hand Illustrated Floral Design on Salmon Wrap
  • Proudly Handmade in Massachusetts, USA
  • 100 Percent American Maple Shell with Rich Tone
  • SJC Shield Lugs Offer Better Tuning Stability and Adjustability

SJC Drums Custom 14 x 7 Snare Drum, Salmon Floral Wrap


This SJC Custom Floral Snare on a salmon wrap is truly unique combination of a stand out, hand illustrated design and the tried and tested sonic quality of a 10 ply American maple shell. SJC Drums have handcrafted this snare in the USA, offering demanding drummers a rich and full bodied tone with plenty of resonance and sustain. The black hardware really makes this snare pop, whilst Evans 360 heads will ensure evan and reliable tuning every time.

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Full Description

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The SJC Drums Custom 10 Ply 14x7 Snare Drum, Floral Design w/ Black HW has been manufactured with a Maple shell to give the snare a warm tone and enhanced lower frequencies. The distribution of middle and high frequencies are evenly dispensed, leading to an overall powerful and commanding tone.


Although often used for toms, this snare utilises 3.0mm triple-flanged steel hoops that encourage open and long sustain, further helping the drum to project and resonate. In addition to this, the standard SJC snare wires provide a great mix of shell tone and snare wire snap, further assisting the definition of the snares dynamic sound. The double ended tube lugs used are durable and offer great stability and adjustability, allowing the player to play to his or her exact preference. A Trick GS007 throw off featured on the snare uses smooth lever action that makes practicality and easy operation the number one priority.

SJC Custom

The distinctive SJC badge located on the shell proudly mark the snare as a product of high quality manufacturing and craftsmanship, producing a great feel and outstanding tone. The Snares unique appearance can be attributed to the innovative nature of SJC's extensive custom manufacture. SJC take immense pride in creating and articulating each players individual style, making sure that each player has the ability to create their own unique musical footprint.

About SJC Drums

With humble beginnings in Mike and Scott Ciprari's (SJC) Grandmother's basement, SJC has since developed into one of the world's leading drum manufacturers and suppliers. In the beginning the brothers were determined to pioneer the sound of a generation tirelessly seeking to improve themselves and their drum kits until they had reached a state of perfection. As the brothers skills progressed and they got better at building, they figured it a good idea to get some of their friends to play their kits and start to spread the word. Bands such as A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere were some of the few endorsements from the brothers. SJC's turning point came when the musical sensation 'Panic! At the Disco' played the MTV music awards in 2006. This pivotal moment enabled the brand to branch out and endorse a variety of bigger and more diverse bands like Hawthorne Heights, Aiden and Cobra Starship. Expanding their already impressive artist roster SJC began to reach unprecedented heights and managed to move out of their grandmothers basement and into a warehouse, enabling SJC to introduce a small number of new dedicated staff .

Embracing the game of innovation, SJC have consistently created drums that produce high quality tone and a distinct character, often to the exact specification of high profile artists. In the last two years SJC has signed drummers Branden Steineckert (Rancid), Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory), Zach Lind (Jimmy Eat World) and Tre Cool (Green Day). With all these world renowned artists previously being endorsed by huge international companies, it speaks volumes of SJC for their desire to switch to a custom company.

With a virtually endless list of custom options, SJC prioritizes the drummer's specific requirements whilst never compromising their classic and unique sound. With an ever expanding list of big names upon their roster, SJC has been a consistent choice for many renowned drummers the world over, emphasizing their commitment to quality and sound.


  • 7x14 10-ply Maple Shell
  • Shield Lugs
  • Floral Matte Wrap
  • SJC Shield Lugs
  • 3.00mm hoops
  • Flat Black Hardware