DISC Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Original

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  • Hand Made
  • Unique Design Contributes to Unique Tone
  • Three Position Input Switch
  • 8 Featured Character Switches
  • Classic Design

DISC Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Original

The Tech 21 SansAmp Classic is the original in its field. Its design has inspired a plethora of other models through its innovative and pioneering design that allows for unprecedented tone and sound.

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Full Description

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Sophisticated by its very nature, the Tech 21 SansAmp Classic's unconventional design keeps the unit both compact and able to achieve many of the varied sounds that it can create.

Made almost exclusively by hand, the main module is comprised of a bank of eight character switches which adjust the fine and subtle nuances of its tonality, harmonics and dynamics. The featured three position input switch gives the user a choice of pre-amp styles: Lead, Normal, and Bass which is perfect for both rhythm and bass guitar.


    The 3-position input switch gives you a choice of three styles:
  • Lead: For Marshall type pre-amps with mid-range and highs emphasized
  • Normal: For Mesa Boogie type pre-amps
  • Bass: For Fender type pre-amps (excellent for rhythmy guitar as well as bass)