Keeley Son of Fuzz Head

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  • Incredible Fuzz and Overdrive Tones
  • Unique Differential Pair Transistor Setup
  • Diode List Switching for Overdrive
  • JFET Tube-Amp Simulation
  • Germanium Gain Stage

Keeley Son of Fuzz Head

The Keeley Son of Fuzz Head pedal offers a new and improved version of Keeley's Fuzz head which won guitar player magazine best stomp box. The son of fuzz head retains the differential pair transistors that was unique to the fuzz head pedal to provide that classic sound. A JFET tube-amp simulator has been added at the front end and followed by a germanium transistor gain stage to produce incredible power. The Son of Fuzz Head Pedal features an improved tone control that?s been moved to the outside and offers the ability to remove the diode clipping to produce an incredible overdrive sound.

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A True Son of Keeley’s Fuzz Head

Keeley’s fuzz pedal uses the basic design of Keeley’s fuzz head pedal and creates something amazing. Featuring the unique differential pair transistor setup from its predecessor, the Son of Fuzz Head pedal is given a JFET tube-amp preamp for a warm and saturated effect. The pedal also possesses a germanium gain stage for extra power, and has an improved tone control that’s been placed on the outside of the pedal. The Keeley fuzz offers three separate controls for shape the pedals sound, from a gain/fuzz control, a tone control, and a level control. A diode switch offers the ability to turn the pedal into an overdrive, creating powerfully energetic distortion.


  • Controls:
    • Gain/Fuzz
    • Tone
    • Level
    • Mode Switch (Overdrive, Fuzz)
  • Input: 1/4” Jack
  • Output: 1/4” Jack
  • Power supply: 9V DC
  • Height (Not Including Jacks): 4.41”
  • Width (Not Including Jacks): 2.35”
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