DISC Soundcraft GB8-48 48-Channel Mixer

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  • 48-Channel Analogue Mixer
  • 4 Stereo Channels
  • 8 Fixed Send (Group) Buses
  • 8 Variable Send (Aux) Buses
  • 4 EQ Bands

DISC Soundcraft GB8-48 48-Channel Mixer

The Soundcraft GB8-48 48-Channel Mixer is a premium-grade, live mixer featuring 48 channels in total, including a 1kHz oscillator and a meter bridge with three LED meters. The Soundcraft SB8-48 is ideal for a range of live and studio applications with four full-function stereo channels and four stereo returns allowing you to accommodate a range of equipment and configurations. The GB8 is designed for live installations such as houses or worship, performances venues and more. The dual-mode toplogy allows the GB8 to be used on FOH or monitor duties for added versatility. The rugged steel chassis even features a sloping rear connector panel for quick and easy access.

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Premium-Grade Live Mixer

The Soundcraft GB8-48 48-Channel Mixer is designed for a range of live applications and installations, making it perfect for everything from houses or worship to live music venues and more. The highly rugged and durable steel chassis is perfect for live installations, easily withstanding the rigors of extensive live use. Its dual-mode topology is based on the success of the Soundcraft MH3 and MH4 desks, allowing you to use the GB8 for FOH or monitor duties with fader control of group or AUX outputs. The four full-function stereo channels also included four stereo returns for added convenience, perfect for small touring sound systems and more. Also included is a 4-band GB30 EQ for precision control over your frequency bands, allowing you to easily create professional mixes for live performances.

GB30 Microphone Preamps

The Soundcraft GB4 series features custom GB30 microphone preamps and EQ, delivering exceptional audio quality throughout. The GB30 microphone preamps are specially designed by Graham Blyth, delivering a warm yet articulate tone that captures every nuance of the original source material. Reminiscent of vintage microphone preamps, the GB30 preamplifier circuit is airy yet deep within its sound palette, creating exceptional harmonics and overtones. The ultra low-noise floor and high output gain ensures optimal clarity and punch, cutting through even the busiest of mixes.

Intuitive Layout & Design

The Souncraft GB8-48 features a wide range of design aspects implemented to improve the workflow and performance of the mixer. The dual purpose console features individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module, allowing you to utilise studio-grade equipment such as condenser microphones and more. The integrated Meter Bridge features accurate VU meters for left, right and centre outputs, giving you highly accurate visual feedback with the classic vintage style found in older mixers. The all metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs are designed for optimal performance and signal transference, ensuring the best possible audio quality at all times. A limiter on the Record Output and Alternative Stereo Output is designed to reign in the dynamics of your mix after.


  • Dual purpose console
  • Individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module
  • 4 STE channels per frame size
  • 8 AUX send (all switchable between pre/post fader operation)
  • 8 Group sends (paired)
  • 4 Stereo returns
  • 4 mute groups
  • 11x4 Output Matrix
  • Limiter on Record Output and Alternative Stereo Output
  • GB30 Mic Pre-Amp
  • 4-band GB30 EQ
  • Meter Bridge with accurate VU meters for Left, Right and Centre outputs
  • Integral power supply, with an external power supply link option
  • All metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs
  • Direct outputs on all mono input channels


Noise: Measured RMS, 22Hz to 22kHz Bandwidth
  • Mic E.I.N. @ unity gain,150W source impedance: -128dBu
  • Mix Output, 40 inputs routed to mix: <-82dBu
  • Group Outputs: <-83dBu
  • Aux Outputs: <-80dBu
  • Matrix Outputs: <-89dBu
Crosstalk (@1kHZ, typical)
  • Input Channel Mute: <-97dB
  • Input Fader cut-off: <-95dB
  • Pan Isolation: <-77dB
  • Mix Route Isolation: <-97dB
  • Group Route Isolation: <-97dB
  • Adjacent channel crosstalk: <-99dB
  • Group to Mix: <-89dB
  • AUX Send pots offness (typical): <-84dB
  • Matrix send pots offness (typical): <-84dB
Frequency Response
  • Mic/Line input to any output, 20Hz – 20kHz <-1 dB
  • Mic sens. -30dBu, +20dBu at all outputs @1kHz: <0.006%
  • Typical @ 1kHz: 80dB
Input & Output Max Levels
  • Mono & Stereo Mic Inputs: +15dBu
  • Mono & Stereo Line Inputs: +30dBu
  • Stereo Returns & Insert Returns: +20dBu
  • Any Output: +20dBu
  • Nominal Operating Level: 0dBu
  • Headphone Power: 2x250mW into 200 ohms
Input & Output Impedances
  • Mic Inputs: 2K Ohms
  • Line Inputs and Stereo Returns: 10K ohms
  • Mix, Group, Aux, Matrix & Direct Outputs: 150 ohms
  • Insert Sends: 75 Ohms
  • Insert Returns: 5K Ohms
  • Recommended Headphone Impedance: 200 – 600 Ohms

Please Note: Images are for reference only, the images show a smaller version of the GB8 but the configuration of the GB8-48 will remain the same.
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