DISC SubZero ME1202FX 12 Channel Mixer with FX

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  • 12 Channel Mixer with 100 Onboard DSP Effects
  • User-Friendly Design and Intuitive Layout
  • High-Quality and Robust
  • 4 Jack Line Inputs and 8 Stereo Line Inputs
  • Main Output, FX Send Output and Headphone Output

DISC SubZero ME1202FX 12 Channel Mixer with FX


The SubZero ME1202FX 12 Channel Mixer by Gear4music is a high quality compact 12 channel mixer with an onboard DSP FX effects processor, presented in a sturdy compact casing. With 100 different DSP effects, 3-band EQ, flexible Mic and Line inputs, main, headphone and monitor outputs, 48V Phantom Power, FX send and RCA CD input, it offers unbeatable build quality at an affordable price.

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Professional Features at an Affordable Price

The ME series by SubZero offers an array of professional features that are almost unheard of at this price point. With 3-band EQ's and low cut filters, it is easy to get a great sound from the ME1202FX. With Stereo Monitor outputs as well as Stereo Main outputs, it is easy to get this great sound both on and off stage. The ME1202FX is also ideal for recording as the stereo line channels have an input sensitivity switch, which means you can choose a home or studio recording level.

100 Built In DSP Effects

The mixer comes with a 24-Bit DSP FX processor with 100 different effects, including Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Pitch and multi-effects. Each channel has a separate FX level control, including an FX lever for the Main Output mix, meaning you can get an appropriate ambience for each input. There is also an FX to Main control, which means you can control the feed of the FX to the main mix, and an FX to control switch, which allows for only the FX send signal to be monitored or appear in the headphone output.

Unbeatable Build Quality

The chassis of the ME mixer offers a robust build that will be able to withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps experienced in everyday use. The rubberised side panels offer both additional protection, and also prevent the mixer from slipping when turning the knobs. The power cable is attached with a professional locking AC inlet design, which means you will never accidentally knock the power out of the socket mid performance. With a clean line layout, the ME series is easy and convenient to use, and offers unbeatable build quality at an affordable price.


  • XLR Mic Inputs: 4
  • Jack Line Inputs: 4 x 1/4"
  • Stereo Line Inputs: 8 x 1/4"
  • RCA: Input/output
  • Main Out: Left and Right ¼ Jack
  • Control Room Out: Left and Right ¼ Jack
  • Send FX Out: ¼ Jack
  • Phones Out: ¼ Jack
  • EQ: Low: 80 Hz/15dB, Mid: 2.5kHz/15dB, High: 15kHz/15dB, Low Cut (mic channels)
  • DSP Effects: 100 programmed effects (24 bit, 48 sampling frequency)
  • Level indicator: 4-band LED
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 200kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005
  • Mic Input Gain Range: -10dB to +60dB
  • Line Input Gain Range: -10dB to +40dB
  • Max Output: +28dB ±2dB
  • Input Impedance: Mic: 2.6k ohms balanced, Line: 20k ohms balanced, CD/RCA: 24kΩ unbalanced
  • Phantom Power: +48VDC (V)
  • Power Supply: DC12V
  • Dimensions: D 240mm x W 260mm x H 37.5mm/47mm
  • The Latest in Audio Technology and Sound

    SubZero are constantly striving to provide the best quality audio equipment at an affordable price, that makes sense to the modern musician. With a strong focus on research and development, SubZero are always striving to bridge the gaps in the market, and provide products that perform, without breaking the bank.

    With a full range of audio equipment including Amplifiers, Speakers, Mixers, PA, Microphones and Electric Guitars; SubZero products feature the same attention-to-detail that one would expect from any high quality audio manufacturer. SubZero are proud to deliver the ultimate in value, power, looks and sound.

    SubZero is an exclusive premium brand of Gear4music.com

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