Roland AIRA Demora Modular Delay, Table-Top and Eurorack Module

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  • High Resolution and Ultra Smooth Delay
  • 15 Patchable Submodules
  • Advanced Controls with Patch Connections
  • 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs – (2 x Mono / 1 x Stereo)
  • Re-Programmable Via Mac/PC, Smartphone and Tablet

Roland AIRA Demora Modular Delay, Table-Top and Eurorack Module

The Roland Demora Modular Delay is a table top or rack mountable digital delay unit which can be used to enhance any live or studio mix. Producing a smooth and rich sound the Demora Delay can be used to compliment a range of instruments, whether for dense echo or just subtle widening. With a rack size of 21 HP the Modular Delay is perfect for any outboard rack or table top and can be expanded via the built in USB connection for Mac, PC, smartphones and tablets.

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Full Description

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Advanced and Versatile Delay Unit

The Demora is an all new delay unit from Roland which provides a smooth, rich sound and quick response that is as much a joy tweak as it is to hear. With the massive range of delay times and buffer hold function you can create anything from ultra-subtle widening to dramatic rhythmic effects whilst the ability to use the large on board controls or standard 1/8" patch cables allows you to independently control the delay time, feedback, width, wet/dry signal, delay hold and signal bypass.

Controls & Connectivity

Both the delay time and feedback parameters on the Demora Delay have input level controls for adjusting the modulation range when controlled from an external source. Two inputs and two outputs make the Demora a stereo-capable, 24bit/96kHz audio interface for Eurorack systems and AIRA Link USB compatibility gives it single-cable, plug and play connectivity with the MX-1 Mix Performer.

Re-Programmable Sub-Modules

While it sounds great out of the box, you can fully customize Demora's internal signal path by re-patching its array of virtual sub-modules via a custom application that works on Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android devices. Submodules are re-patched through a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface that even lets you choose which parameters are assigned to the high-resolution "GRF" knobs. You can reprogram Demora in realtime via USB connection or save and recall patches with a simple audio signal. You can even share patches with other Demora users.


  • High Resolution and Ultra Smooth Delay Effect
  • Delay range from 20 Mirco-Seconds to 10 Seconds
  • CV/Gate Parameter Control Including Delay Time, Feedback and Width
  • Tape-top Unit or 12 HP Eurorack Mountable
  • 24-Bit Knobs over 16 Million Steps of Resolution
  • 15 Patchable Submodules, Expandable with Free Updates
  • 2 Inputs and 2 Outputs with Dual-Mono or Stereo Capability
  • 24-Bit/96Hz Audio Interface
  • Re-Programmable via Mac, PC, iOS and Android
  • AIRA Link Compatible
  • Includes Braided Patch Cables


  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack, 1 x 1/4" Remote In
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack
  • Other Connections: 1 x DC Input, 1 x USB
  • Controls: Time, Feedback, Width, Dry/Wet, Hold, Bypass, Volume, 2 x Level
  • Rack Mount Size: 21 HP Eurorack
  • Submodules:
    • LFO
    • ADSR
    • Noise
    • Sample & Hold
    • Ring Mod
    • Filter 6dB
    • Filter 12dB
    • Tone
    • Amp
    • Mixer
    • Stereo Mixer
    • Curve Conv
    • Gate Divider
    • Trig to CV Delay Time
    • MIDI Clock to Gate
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