DISC iZotope RX Plug-in Pack

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  • Seamlessly Integrates with Audio and Video Editing Software
  • Four Plug-Ins; De-Click, Dialogue De-Noise, De-Hum and De-Clip
  • Rescue Your Audio and Avoid Re-Recording
  • Based on iZotope's Award-Winning RX Software
  • Easy-to-Use Interface with Comprehensive Functions

DISC iZotope RX Plug-in Pack


The iZotope RX Plug-In Pack is designed to help you rescue your audio, transforming flawed recordings into usable tracks and therefore avoiding the need to re-record. This pack consists of four essential audio cleaning plug-ins - De-Click, Dialogue De-Noise, De-Hum and De-Clip - Curated directly from iZotope's award-winning RX software and offering the same industry-leading technology used on major label releases, network television and Hollywood films. Once these plug-ins are used within your audio or video editing software, you have the ability to preserve the heart of your recordings and fix audio you thought you'd never be able to use.

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The De-Click plug-in allows you to salvage dialogue and vocal performances by removing the unintended clicks and other mouth noises that make their way through the pop screen. This innovative technology eliminates clicks, crackles, and digital impulse noises from instrument tracks. De-Click is also versatile enough that it can also be used to treat continuous background clicks on old recordings and vinyl transfers.


By using the De-Hum plug-in you can remove the electrical hum and line noise of ground loops/buzzes that are often found on multitrack recordings, and often are only caught later in the production process. De-Hum automatically identifies the base frequency of the unwanted hum and precisely removes it from the recording along with harmonics - leaving you with a clean overall sound that's free from electrical interference. De-Hum also features an ''Adaptive'' mode too, which removes hum that changes in frequency over time.


By quickly and simply reducing distortion on a vocal recording, the De-Clip plug-in is perfect for saving single-take recording and therefore cuts down the need for retakes. Now you can salvage incredible performances - especially live shows, rehearsal recordings and archival material.

Dialogue De-Noise

The zero-latency Dialogue De-Noise plug-in is the most powerful denoiser for working with any voice recording; Voiceover, podcast, sung vocals and more. This plug-in allows you to reduce the noise floor of a dialogue or vocal recording in real-time, without sacrificing the tone and quality, while also making it easier to work with tracks recorded in uncontrolled and untreated spaces.


Plug-In Formats

Native and HDX AAX 64 bit / TDM and RTAS 32 bit, Audiosuite DPM 32 bit and AAX 64 bit, AU 32 and 64 bit, VST 2 32 and 64 bit, VST 3.

Plug-In Host Compatibility

RX Plug-in Pack is a collection of four plug-ins that run within your audio or video editing software. RX Plug-in Pack is not a standalone application.

Pro Tools (10–12.4), Ableton Live (9.5), Logic Pro X (version 10.2), Nuendo 7 / Cubase 8.5, Audition CC 2015, Sonar, PreSonus Studio One, Media Composer 7.0.5 & 8.4.5, Premiere Pro CC 2015, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve 12, Sony Sound Forge (Windows: V.11.299; Mac: V.2.5.133), Digital Performer, Reaper.

Please Note: Within Pro Tools, iZotope recommend using De-Click and De-Clip as AudioSuite plug-ins only.

Operating System Requirements

  • Mac OS X: 10.8 - 10.11
  • Windows: 7, 8 and 10